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It’s getting near! Yes, it’s our long awaited H-O-N-E-Y-M-O-O-N! *jumps for joy*

Seriously, we haven’t been spending much time planning this once-in-a-lifetime trip (and it’s not an excuse, i know…) but as the day draws closer, I’m starting to get flustered over the lackof research and knowledge of the States. Yup, off to the USA, that is!

And since we’ll be there for a few weeks, a sketchy outline of our plans look something like this:
1st – 5th day: Drive up to Las Vegas + touring The Strip and Downtown
6th – 12th day: Zooming up to LA/Napa Valley/Hollywood/Disneyland
13th – 20th day: Off to San Francisco/Premium Outlets/Sights & more!

OK, there you have it – a brief overview, as it is! Geez… i seriously need MORE info than this! Anyone able to share some tips and notes on what/where we could go/do/eat/stay at these regions?? *Puss in Boots’ eyes*

I must say, I chanced upon a very helpful blog sharing information on Las Vegas and the author of The Las Vegas Urbanite is such an awesomely, helpful fella!! Thanks much for shedding (insider’s) light with those not-to-be-missed stuff at Vegas! 😉

Anyhows, whilst I devour those borrowed books from the library (currently reading Lonely Planet’s Las Vegas City Guide and Frommer’s California 2009), my mind conjures up outfits to put together for the trip. I’m just a girl! Plus, since it’s my birthday month, I took the chance to stock up those travel essentials at Watsons, enjoying 5X more bonus points!

Watsons VIP Perks – have you gotten yours yet?

 Shopping Spree! What an excellent excuse to SHOP, seriously! Nothing crazy; definitely needed these travel essentials.. uh-huh…

This was on my list of must-have, simply becos it’d be a refreshing perk during the long flight plus hot/dry weather. At 50ml, its handbag-perfect size plus more affordable price compared to Evian and Avene, it’s my choice! Gave the other bottle to a gf who’s honeymooning there before us! What fun!

Multi-purpose for your everyday usage!

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS protect from the Sun! After deliberating between Vichy and La Roche Posay, L’Oreal was the more affordable option at S$18.80 (U.P.$24). Yeah yeah, it’s the left/right pocket catch, anyway. I know, I know.

Body lotion is like my second skin – without it, i’d literally “crack”. Glad to see this travel sized Nivea Whitening Body Lotion with UV Filters (S$3ish) 🙂 Shampoo for my mane comes in the form of travel sized Essential Nuance Airy(S$2). Sweet smellin’ stuff from head to toes!

Watsons had a 1-week special for Lifebuoy Antibacterial Body Wash, 2 @$4.90 for 400ml each. Quite a steal, I must say! Was about to restock our usual travel sized Dove shower cream ($3.70, 200ml), but it’d might not be able to last us both throughout the trip.

Special thanks to C, whom I got to know through work. These airline approved pocket sized toothy kits are great for that long haul. Definitely don’t wanna scare the immigration officers with dragon’s breath. Heh heh! These are available at Guardian and Watsons too.

So if you’ve been to the West Coast regions or have gone on a road trip via the coastal drive (Highway 1), it would be fantastic if you could share your opinions and feedback here! Thank you everyone in advance! Time to hit the books, before the Hub sees me typing furiously away……


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Since Princess Tiana didn’t ring a bell, I sought Dr Wiki’s help to find out which fairytale she hailed from.
Did you know? Well, if like me, you didn’t, Princess Tiana is from The Princess and the Frog!

Guess we’re usually more attuned to seeing this group shot? 🙂

So back to the question:

Disney Princess on Vogue – YAY or Nay?

My personal fave cover: Snow White!! And the rest in order of appearance as above 😉 What are your thoughts?

Chanced upon these lovely works at The Signature Bow. Lotsa fashion news for your daily dose – do hop over! And the talented guy who did up those covers – credits to Dante Tyler! Do check out his other amazing illustrations that are bound to leave you in awe *thumbs up*

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 A few weeks ago, I chanced upon a Sally Hansen Nails Workshop ad in the local papers and excitedly told one of my gfs (she’s a nail fanatic!) about it. In no time, she replied over Whatsapp to say: “On!” With a fee of $38/pax (inclds. door gift worth $100), the session will cover tips on achieving and maintaining beautiful, healthy nails and of cos, introducing Sally Hansen (SH)’s line of products. There was no mention of it being a hands-on or demo session so we assumed the later will be done on “1 lucky lady” 😛

After a couple of correspondences to register, SH’s rep shared “to come in loose clothing” and my gf and i were kept wondering if they were going to make us sit on the floor or something. LOL! Turns out, it was a hands-on workshop, and we DID sit on the floor for one of the tips sharing by trainer, Ms. BG Tan. Coincidentally, my gf says that Ms. BG Tan has been to her previous organization for corporate trainings on grooming! That’s a nice gesture from an employer isn’t it?

Alrighty, sharing what went on during the class between ourselves. Nails were wet most of the time so wasn’t really able to take photos of other participants. They were really responsive and even put their feet on their table (becos Ms. BG Tan said “no1 comes to SH’s class without having feet on table!”) and the middle-aged ladies were giggling away. How cute!

The nail kit used during the session. They were ours for keeps too.

Get rid of annoying dead skin buildup around nails aka cuticles. Pampering our nails with 8hour Moisturizing Hand Creme thereafter 😉

After cleaning up our nail beds, it’s time to treat them with nourishments!
Practising on a fake nail – square file, round file and painting my first French tip! Ms. BG Tan said “Good!” 😀
Every 4 pax had a set of nail colours to choose, so we were spoilt for choices! What did i paint my nails with in the end? (Nope, that’s not me there :P)
TA-DA! Pronto Purple (#20) called out to me yet Blazing Blue (#23) seemed sparkly.. although I’m not usually a “blue” kinda person. What do you think of this combi? 🙂

Eventually, I didn’t dare to try French on myself. It would be too detrimental if I had to clean up and restart from treatment coats all over again 😦 Simply went with a safe option. Not very adventurous, am I?

I could tell all the ladies enjoyed themselves that morning – which was real nice 🙂 With gals from early 20s to mature women in their 40s, Sally Hansen has fans in every age! The lovely organizers even arranged for some simple foodfare and hot coffee/tea for everyone. I’m sure we left telling ourselves to remember that our toes need TLC massages too! *squeeze cream, massage clockwise, then anti-clockwise, next toe*

Wearing: Dress from Bangkok, Chunky Ring from H&M Hong Kong, Wedding Ring from Love & Co.

Disclaimer: All reviews and articles are based on impartial personal experiences, without responsibility or obligations  to neither brand/company/services/any other parties involved.  For collaboration opportunities, kindly drop a note to: whitesays@gmail(dot)com for a discussion.

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The www, is well, world-wide and that makes the blogosphere essentially boundary-less with infinite possiblities.

So, i was surfing, clicking, reading and clicking somemore and chanced upon some awesome reads. Hope you’ll enjoy their posts like I did – happy reading 🙂

What I Wore

Starting off as a fashion designer, Jessica Quirk found herself focusing much on her daily outfits, and that sparked the idea of monetizing her site which primarily showcased her everyday fashion. With 3yr old What I Wore, Jessica has recently launched her first book (What I Wore: Four Seasons, One Closet, Endless Recipes for Personal Style) a few days back! Definitely an inspiration to those chasing their dreams and/or planning to blog full time!

Gala Darling

If you read her articles, you’ll know that this fiesty, energizer bunny radiates 101% positivity for life and self-love. From crazy site traffic, to giving speeches at events, as well as being featured in print publications such as The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph and Cosmopolitan, nothing’s gonna stop this multi-hyphenated Gala Darling! With a book in Podcast format (Love & Sequins) under her belt, she shares inspirational and motivataional reads on being a woman and surviving the modern world!

This busy mum of 3 has her hands full and even set time to dive into the kitchen to whip up yummy food for the family. The motivational factor for Katie’s blog is NOT (surprise, surprise!) her love for cooking but because at that time she was at a loss with her “self”. Having enjoyed writing throughout her studies, starting Chaos in the Kitchen became 2nd nature and soon, everyday fuzz like cooking or washing for the family, turned into creative posts and recipes sharing! Kudos to her!


Full-time photographers, Todd and Diane, share their adventures on food, photography, cooking, travel and their garden blooms (yes, freshly grown in their own garden – how nice!) at White On Rice Couple. Professionally captured shots adorn the simple site, and you’re on your way to a droolsome journey with their multi-cultural recipes which you could whip up at home! Time to put on my kitchen gloves… 🙂

The brainchild of a group of twntysmthg from Singapore, this new magazine-style site tackles all-things Singapore, ranging from Mama Shops to bus stops. With topics foraying into segments such as 1,000 Ways to Die, that’s an indicator to tell if you belong in this generation 😉 Keep going, you guys! Proud to discover this up-and-coming gem!

Yours truly, twntysmthg/f/SG.

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Threadbare & Squirrel celebrated their 1st Anniversary yesterday with a cozy private affair at their outlet. With its no-frills and thoughtfully designed space, look out for stylish outfits, handcrafted leather pieces of wallet, clutches and even organizers. Carefully chosen for their exclusivity and uniqueness, bags and notesbooks also found at this 2nd level store.

Welcoming PAEZ shoes into its family makes it a double reason to celebrate! With the official launch of PAEZ (female), the Argentine brand adds a fresh burst of prints and colours in the shop, allowing shoppers to pick out an entire oufit from top to toe.  


Threadbare & Squirrel
43A Haji Lane, 2nd Storey
Singapore 189 236
t: 6396 6738
e : info@threadbareandsquirrel.com
FB: Threadbare & Squirrel

PAEZ Shoes Singapore

e: info@paezsingapore.com
FB: PAEZ Shoes Singapore

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Today, I’d like to make an announcement.

I’ve been keeping it for awhile.. and.. it’s making my heart beat twice as fast.

Well… *takes a deep breath*

I’m officially a writer! *twirls around*
Yup! Okay, a freelance one at that.

To those who have been reading would know that it’s kinda my little dream and desire to be one. SO, imreallyhappyrightnow! *YAY*

Aside from other works which I’ve done in the past (sorry, not too convenient to share at this point), this is a new milestone for me which also explains my lack of articles here over the past couple of weeks.

Just a couple of simple articles. Hope you guys enjoy it. Do “like” them to support OK? Feel free to leave nice comments too – that’d be the sweetest encouragements to me 🙂



Thank you, everyone and especially 8flo for this wonderful opportunity! Definitely looking forward to more in the pipelines! 😀

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Instagram has successfully turned me into a point and shoot snapper. Literally. With iPhone’s unlimited access to the vast apps that are growing by the day, Instagram has earned a loyal following with its straightforward and user-friendly maneuverism (Heh that’s my self-created word, in case you’re wondering). Taking a pro-looking shot is now possible with some practice and accustomization to IG! Here’s some of my collection 

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