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Hey you!

Thank you so much for your support here at Whitesays!

We’ve officially moved to The Hooting Post , so please bookmark this!

The Hooting Post will continue to share much love about anything that catches my eye (think: yum-meh food, pretty-me-up stuff and loads MORE!)

Hope you’ll enjoy the fun reads as much as I enjoy writing them (or rather, typing them…) for everyone!

See you at our new hootworthy cove! 😀

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Feeling a little… yuergh…

The monthly attack is at it, once again. How dreadful.
Have you got any useful tips to share to help dispel the pain? 😦

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Today, I’d like to make an announcement.

I’ve been keeping it for awhile.. and.. it’s making my heart beat twice as fast.

Well… *takes a deep breath*

I’m officially a writer! *twirls around*
Yup! Okay, a freelance one at that.

To those who have been reading would know that it’s kinda my little dream and desire to be one. SO, imreallyhappyrightnow! *YAY*

Aside from other works which I’ve done in the past (sorry, not too convenient to share at this point), this is a new milestone for me which also explains my lack of articles here over the past couple of weeks.

Just a couple of simple articles. Hope you guys enjoy it. Do “like” them to support OK? Feel free to leave nice comments too – that’d be the sweetest encouragements to me 🙂



Thank you, everyone and especially 8flo for this wonderful opportunity! Definitely looking forward to more in the pipelines! 😀

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How much do you actually know about our feet?

  • Our feet travel an average 115,000km in a lifetime – more than four times the circumference of the globe.

  • People take an average of 10,000 steps every day.
  • The foot is an amazing network of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 31 tendons and metres of nerves and blood vessels.
  • That’s not all…

  • Women have about four times as many foot problems as men; wearing the wrong shoes – including high heels and pointy toes causing many of the problems.
  • A new footwear survey from ShopSmart, a Consumer Reports publication revealed some astonishing results as well as some better known facts! Polling over 1,000 women, the average woman reportedly owns 17 pairs of shoes with each pair costing around $49. Of her collection of shoes, only three pairs are in regular rotation. Does that sound like any of you? 😉

    SO, what else did the interviews reveal?

    • 39% of women prefer flats more than any other shoe (I belong here!)

    • 46% have bought an ugly pair for comfort, while 60% endure pain for pretty shoes (yeah, sometimes…and i end up regretting it..)

    • 48% have had shoe-related injuries (thankfully, no)

    • 29% shop for shoes online (nope, due to my tofu, problematic feet)

    • 14% have hidden at least one purchase from their spouse (haha, not feasible as our shoe housing is shared!)

    • 51% notice the shoes others are wearing (who doesn’t? :P)

    With the feet’s grounded responsibility of taking on our entire body weight and bringing us where our hearts and mind desire, do treat our feet to a little TLC as and when, if we can. Those tired muscles and tinkles need some prettying up too! Check out today’s deal at Groupon, the ultimate deal saver which gives you more for your buck, with up to 90% discounts!

    TODAY'S DEAL! $28 for 90 Minute Classic Mani Pedi + 15 Minute Crystal Mud Leg Treatment (Worth $70)

    It’s such a bargain, i’m so tempted to get this voucher too! Happy feet, happy me! 🙂


    Source and credits:
    Foot Facts (www.heelntoe.com.sg/footfacts)
    Fascinating Shoe Facts ( http://sg.promotion.yahoo.com/weekend-edition/hype/post/hype/70/fascinating-shoe-facts.html)
    Groupon SG (www.groupon.sg)

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    More often than not, we get so caught up in our own lives, chasing after the things that we want to achieve.

    With the pressure cooker living style and the high standards of benchmarks in SG, we are constantly rushing through the hour/day/week/month/year, and proudly declare that we are but slaves to “TIME“.

    The Viscious Cycle.

    So we tell ourselves to make the best of "time" and give everything our best shot.

    But how many of us, actually remember to do this?

    When it comes to making a positive difference in someone else's life, a little goes a long way.

    Always remember to give yourself a "Pat on the back" for each "achievement", just to keep spurring yourself on. Self acceptance and motivation - love yourself before you'll learn to love others.

    Time may be the essence of most tasks, but always remember that life is also about quality moments cherished between living things (partners, family, friends, and even the resident pup!). The emotional aspect is often neglected/constrained by time.

    The meaningful Post-it Notes were from: www.thingsweforget.blogspot.com 🙂

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    Hello you! 🙂

    Been bored to bits with my usual hairstyle (copper, long waist-approaching layered hair) and have decided to revamp and update my style! Was actually very keen to do a total overhaul – chop off and step out with a cropped bob – but alas, bravery went into hiding and all sorts of excuses flooded my mind (the Hub prefers long lustrous locks, gonna be a part of my fren’s entourage for her wedding this June, it’s not gonna suit my face shape, yatta yatta yatta….) And so, i left my dear mane to the good hands of my usual hair stylist to possibly provide his expert opinion on what not only suits my face shape to a T, revives my dated looks like a fresh burst of thrist-quenching juice and fuss-free maintenance for time-strapped moi!

    Is it pwetty? 😛

    New Look!

    As always, such processes take a darn long time in the salon – over 2hours, no less! – i started pouring over the magazines and chanced upon 2 lovely newfound gems! Pretty stuff I just had to snap. keke…!

    Eye candy by Fendi, as seen in Style Mar 2011

    Encased with their signature look, the latest addition to the Burberry collection. What's there not to love? As seen in Style Jan 2011.

    Just in case you’re interested, my hair was done at:
    Black Studio
    Blk 214 Bedok North Central St 1
    S 460214
    +65 6243 0039/6241 1278
    Hair stylist: Jacky Lee

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    Yup! I wanna know what YOU think!

    Whether you’ve been following my posts or it’s your first stumble here, do share with me what you think of my posts so far. Life is all about improving and i’m definitely an amateur here. Let me know what you enjoyed, liked, disliked, hope to see more of, suggestions etc! That’d be reallieeeee helpful 😀

    In the meantime, it’s 12.45am on 1st Feb 2011. Which means, it’s gonna be the eve of the Lunar New Year where the Chinese gather with their families for reunion dinners. No exception for me! Gotta run 2 sides tomorrow night 😛 That means double the YUM-YUMS too! hehe! To all readers who will be celebrating CNY as well, have a happy, healthy and prosperous Lunar New Year! 🙂

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