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Thank you so much for your support here at Whitesays!

We’ve officially moved to The Hooting Post , so please bookmark this!

The Hooting Post will continue to share much love about anything that catches my eye (think: yum-meh food, pretty-me-up stuff and loads MORE!)

Hope you’ll enjoy the fun reads as much as I enjoy writing them (or rather, typing them…) for everyone!

See you at our new hootworthy cove! 😀

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9th August 2011 marks our Nation’s 46th birthday! Whether you’ll be catching the National Day Parade ‘live’ or the amazing fireworks at the Marina Bay area, soak in the celebratory atmosphere and don that birthday outfit for our Motherland!

While we dress from head to toe in RED and WHITE, how many of you will be playing up your nails with our flag? Take a leaf out of this adventurous blogger and the forlorn supporter of Prince William!

Image: Shayries RadioFm Groupmails

Here’s wishing Singapore, our homeland:

Happy Fantabulous Birthday! May peace, love and happiness prevail this island, and may the leaders continue to strive and deliver the very best for its people ❤ 🙂

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New products and newly imported brands are churning out fast and furious. With the onslaught of Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese brands and products, these gems have already made their name known (thanks to the Internet!) even before landing on our shores.

Our Western counterparts aren’t resting on their laurels either. With counter brands, mass brands and masstige brands making waves to fight for each consumer’s limited pocket size, when it comes to products, marketing holds no bars for companies who are willing to and can afford to splurge.

There’s been quite a few eye-targeted products launched recently that have caught my eyes as well (pun, intended). Our eyes are the windows to our soul and playing up the eyes can instantly improve one’s appearance from “sleepy/tired” to “alert/refreshed”!

Try this little experiment on yourself:
1) Cleansed face thoroughly removing all traces of makeup and skincare.
2) Apply eye cream on left eye and massage gently. Do nothing to the right eye.
3) Choose an eyeshadow or eyeliner, and carefully apply onto eye area. Continue to ignore the right eye.
4) Step back from the mirror and compare the differences – you’d be amazed!

With my infamous single eyelids and fair skin, I’m plagued with beyond-hope panda eyes and puffy excess baggage underneath. For that, I’ve always been a religious user of eye creams and cultivated the habit since my JC days. Anyhow, here’s a lowdown on what’s on my list for the top 5 coveted eye products I’d love to smear my eyes with: 

Part of Anna Sui's Beach Collection 2011, this star product allows effortlessly eye play with 7 different combinations. (S$39)

L'Oreal's latest innovation - combining a micro-vibrator (with 130 micro-vibrations per sec!) and eye cream - to rid dark eye circles, dark spots and eye bags. Replaces the double pump whitening eye cream. (S$34)

With its contoured ceramic-tip applicator, this new love claims to instantly cool and massages skin to re-engerize the thin skin around eye. De-puffs and lightens eye area with regular use. (S$90)

Saw these chubby babies as reviewed by Faces by Sarah (www.facesbysarah.com) and couldn't get them off my mind since! Totally diggin the blue hue! There's black (super black, i like too!), white and silver too for these Sephora Jumbo Liner 12hr Wear. At a steal, S$17 each!

Exclusively chosen to launch in Changi Airport Singapore (and not even Japan!?), the SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream is probably getting raves from Singaporeans and tourists alike already! Has anyone been lucky to get hold of this yet?

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The www, is well, world-wide and that makes the blogosphere essentially boundary-less with infinite possiblities.

So, i was surfing, clicking, reading and clicking somemore and chanced upon some awesome reads. Hope you’ll enjoy their posts like I did – happy reading 🙂

What I Wore

Starting off as a fashion designer, Jessica Quirk found herself focusing much on her daily outfits, and that sparked the idea of monetizing her site which primarily showcased her everyday fashion. With 3yr old What I Wore, Jessica has recently launched her first book (What I Wore: Four Seasons, One Closet, Endless Recipes for Personal Style) a few days back! Definitely an inspiration to those chasing their dreams and/or planning to blog full time!

Gala Darling

If you read her articles, you’ll know that this fiesty, energizer bunny radiates 101% positivity for life and self-love. From crazy site traffic, to giving speeches at events, as well as being featured in print publications such as The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph and Cosmopolitan, nothing’s gonna stop this multi-hyphenated Gala Darling! With a book in Podcast format (Love & Sequins) under her belt, she shares inspirational and motivataional reads on being a woman and surviving the modern world!

This busy mum of 3 has her hands full and even set time to dive into the kitchen to whip up yummy food for the family. The motivational factor for Katie’s blog is NOT (surprise, surprise!) her love for cooking but because at that time she was at a loss with her “self”. Having enjoyed writing throughout her studies, starting Chaos in the Kitchen became 2nd nature and soon, everyday fuzz like cooking or washing for the family, turned into creative posts and recipes sharing! Kudos to her!


Full-time photographers, Todd and Diane, share their adventures on food, photography, cooking, travel and their garden blooms (yes, freshly grown in their own garden – how nice!) at White On Rice Couple. Professionally captured shots adorn the simple site, and you’re on your way to a droolsome journey with their multi-cultural recipes which you could whip up at home! Time to put on my kitchen gloves… 🙂

The brainchild of a group of twntysmthg from Singapore, this new magazine-style site tackles all-things Singapore, ranging from Mama Shops to bus stops. With topics foraying into segments such as 1,000 Ways to Die, that’s an indicator to tell if you belong in this generation 😉 Keep going, you guys! Proud to discover this up-and-coming gem!

Yours truly, twntysmthg/f/SG.

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While brands and companies are gearing up for Autumn, let’s soak up the Sun and continue basking in its golden glory!

From makeup to fashion and overall wellbeing, enjoy the breeze of the lowdown for Summer-loving! 🙂

Delight in Sparkling Freshness with L’Occitane Limited Edition Sun Verbana.

Dry Lux T and Camisole

UNIQLO‘s Dry Lux Padded Scoop Neck T-Shirt and Padded Camisole with dual-layered LUX Pads for maximum comfort.
(S$14.90, U.P.$24.90, till 14 Jul)

PINK is the new black this season – glide on lips or dress up in this girly shade! Flaunt it like Kate Bosworth does 😉

Cotton On Body

Don’t you just lurve COTTON ON? These comfy crops are a dream to be in. Throw on an oversized tee and you’re ready!

This cute retro piece is such a lovely number for work and play. Grab great deals at the ASOS sale now! The early bird catches the worm, so scoot over to get your hands on those great bargains.

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Today, I’d like to make an announcement.

I’ve been keeping it for awhile.. and.. it’s making my heart beat twice as fast.

Well… *takes a deep breath*

I’m officially a writer! *twirls around*
Yup! Okay, a freelance one at that.

To those who have been reading would know that it’s kinda my little dream and desire to be one. SO, imreallyhappyrightnow! *YAY*

Aside from other works which I’ve done in the past (sorry, not too convenient to share at this point), this is a new milestone for me which also explains my lack of articles here over the past couple of weeks.

Just a couple of simple articles. Hope you guys enjoy it. Do “like” them to support OK? Feel free to leave nice comments too – that’d be the sweetest encouragements to me 🙂



Thank you, everyone and especially 8flo for this wonderful opportunity! Definitely looking forward to more in the pipelines! 😀

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From school shoes to sneakers, we’ve had our experiences with laces.  With the spurt in trend focus on skater shoes (late ’90s – millenium), at least one pair of such has landed in our shoe collection.

Recalling the days where we used to convert the laces style into that with no ribbons (we tucked the ends into the school shoes, usually a US Masters or Converse 😉 ) Those white stringy ones for school days were probably one of our first encounters. Then came those fancy ones with bright neon colours, prints (e.g. leopard preens!) and cute smiley faces and sorts. With all the rage in laces, let’s take a look at the 21 fancy ways to create different looks with your fancy laces and stylish shoes (thanks to Puma!) – not limited to sneakers 😛

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