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Just received a pretty bag of Averine cosmetics! Thank you, dear gals 🙂
Averine is unlike other fashion makeup in the mass market. Conceptualised  to treat, nurture and protect skin with colour, each product helps to enhance and bring out the best of your skin and features. This skin-caring makeup pampers skin with 100% natural minerals and gems from Amethyst, Mica and Tourmaline etc; known to provide safe and skin-friendly nutrients to give skin extra TLC whilst dolling up with the playful pretty colours! Lovely! Most importantly, to keep skin in its optimal health, Averine assures the use of quality ingredients and is guaranteed to be free of the common potential skin aggravators which may provoke even the most sensitive of skins.

Averine upholds the strictest standards by ensuring their products are:

100% Fragrance-free
100% Hypoallergenic
Free of Mineral Oil
Free of Lanolin

Check out Averine’s official website to explore their variety of goodies!


(L-R) Concealer Kit, Mineral Eye Shadow (Purple), Sexy Lips (Spicy Pink) and Satin Smooth Foundation (Ivory Beige)


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2 nights ago, I decided to give my tired peepers an extra boost of goodness. Seeing my dark rings n fine lines creeping out, it’s a major wakeup call for me to spend more effort on my eye areas. Having been dilligently applying eye cream/gel for the past 10 years (a decade?! OMG!!), my greatest vice is the terrible habit of rubbing my eyes 😦

As I opened the individually-sealed sachet, I peeped in and saw 2 cute patches soaked in essence. Looks shiok already!

I carefully placed them strategically under my eyes and was immediately greeted by the herbal Ginseng extract. Infused with Ginger plus Licorice, this cloth treatment mask is supposed to help combat dark circles and revitalize fatigue skin around the eyes.

During the test:
Took the chance to lie down and close my eyes. Feels shiok to relax and be pampered, knowing my skin is loving the rare treat. Felt a slight itchy sensation near the lower lids and was kinda worried my eye area might be sensitive to them. Checked in the mirror and all was good. *phew*

After the test:
Removed the masks after 20mins as there was still quite abit of essence. Eye areas felt hydrated and rejuvenated 🙂 Dark circles might need a couple more treats to eliminate plus I definitely need to sleep early!

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Did you guess right?? Anyway I ended up getting 2 quirky colours cos it’s so boring to keep stickin’ to safe ones. Went to Etude House @ PS and there was this Korean “uncle” there giving out some kinda freebie in their little basket.

The box looked like it contained some compact powder but in fact, it was just cotton pads in there! There's a little sample of their product in the paper bag too.

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Oohh! Love the brilliant cheery colours at Etude House! These candy hues are so pretty, I couldn’t make up my mind. So I decided to test on my nails n spend a day with them.
Step 1: Seek hub’s opinion
Step 2: Get colleagues’ advice (females are good advisors when it comes to fashion & beauty!)
Step 3: Head back to Etude House the next day to get my hands on the desired colours!

As a special treat to myself & to pamper yours truly, I decided to get 2 shades. Guess which 2 I chose?? 😉

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