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Hello you! 🙂

Been bored to bits with my usual hairstyle (copper, long waist-approaching layered hair) and have decided to revamp and update my style! Was actually very keen to do a total overhaul – chop off and step out with a cropped bob – but alas, bravery went into hiding and all sorts of excuses flooded my mind (the Hub prefers long lustrous locks, gonna be a part of my fren’s entourage for her wedding this June, it’s not gonna suit my face shape, yatta yatta yatta….) And so, i left my dear mane to the good hands of my usual hair stylist to possibly provide his expert opinion on what not only suits my face shape to a T, revives my dated looks like a fresh burst of thrist-quenching juice and fuss-free maintenance for time-strapped moi!

Is it pwetty? 😛

New Look!

As always, such processes take a darn long time in the salon – over 2hours, no less! – i started pouring over the magazines and chanced upon 2 lovely newfound gems! Pretty stuff I just had to snap. keke…!

Eye candy by Fendi, as seen in Style Mar 2011

Encased with their signature look, the latest addition to the Burberry collection. What's there not to love? As seen in Style Jan 2011.

Just in case you’re interested, my hair was done at:
Black Studio
Blk 214 Bedok North Central St 1
S 460214
+65 6243 0039/6241 1278
Hair stylist: Jacky Lee


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