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Admist juggling work above all else, i’m also busy with research work in preparation for our big day. Yup, you read right! I’m finally, officially and legally-recognised as a “grown-up”! (Haha, ok i’m definitely over 21).

With just a couple more months to go, my guy and I know that we’re actually pretty lax for now. With a list of things NOT done, we’re starting to feel the jitters man. Here’s a quick mental note to self on the to-do stuff:
1) Theme for ROM setting incld. decor
2) Theme for outfits includ. shoes, accessories etc.
3) Wedding favours
4) Get a photographer & videographer
5) Makeup artiste cum hair stylist
6) JP ~ confirmed! 🙂
7) Venue ~ confirmed! 🙂

And most importantly.....
we have yet to submit the e-filing for ROM! 

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