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OH MY! Yesterday it was RAMEN day too! How can I keep having the same type of food for 2 consecutive days!? Last Fri/Sat was Hong Kong food, this Fri/Sat was Ramen… grrrr….

Anyways, this ramen place we dined for lunch gets Hub’s thumbs up. Having dined once previously, he liked their QQ ramen and thus had no qualms about going there again. As for me, I’m no ramen lover and I wasnt having much appetite for food yesterday (no idea why… sigh…) so we casually strolled in to be seated @  Bishamon Sapporo Ramen, Funan Digitalife Mall. We ate around 4ish and the mall was mad packed with IT bargain hunters, hordes of families in red (NDP full dress rehearsal yday!) and a crazy snaking Q of cars trying to barge into the carpark.

Hub's Ramen. The soup is shiok! Hub loves this. Oh no, I can't recall its name. Cha Siew Ramen?? *oops*

I had the Salmon Ramen Salad. Nice springy Ramen 🙂 A unique ramen meal for me. hehe 😉

Bishamon Sapporo Ramen
#01-18 Funan Digitalife Mall
Tel: 6337 5142


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