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More often than not, we get so caught up in our own lives, chasing after the things that we want to achieve.

With the pressure cooker living style and the high standards of benchmarks in SG, we are constantly rushing through the hour/day/week/month/year, and proudly declare that we are but slaves to “TIME“.

The Viscious Cycle.

So we tell ourselves to make the best of "time" and give everything our best shot.

But how many of us, actually remember to do this?

When it comes to making a positive difference in someone else's life, a little goes a long way.

Always remember to give yourself a "Pat on the back" for each "achievement", just to keep spurring yourself on. Self acceptance and motivation - love yourself before you'll learn to love others.

Time may be the essence of most tasks, but always remember that life is also about quality moments cherished between living things (partners, family, friends, and even the resident pup!). The emotional aspect is often neglected/constrained by time.

The meaningful Post-it Notes were from: www.thingsweforget.blogspot.com 🙂


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