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**Overdued post!

Hey all! Real sorry for the lack of updates :/
Though the traffic count is quite tiny for now… i’m hoping to grow a reader base so do support and stay tuned for more exciting posts and stuff 8) To cut the story short, here’s a quickie update on the CNY movie starring our Caldecott Hill Princess, Fann Wong (:

Exclusive Gala Tix 🙂


Fann spotted!

Event Backdrop


(From left) Foyce Lee aka Jack Neo's Nen Cao & Pat Mok


Guest starring Le Yao + Foyce Lee & another gal (not in pic) who were 3 crazy BFFs of Pat Mok in the movie.


Christopher Lee (in his latest get-up) lends support to his wifey 🙂

Oh dear, the pics didn’t turn out too clear, did they? Taken with iPhone 3GS. The bright and at times awkward lighting angles are creating whiter than white faces. Oops!


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