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When we were still in courtship, whenever we passed by Siglap, I’d declare to the BF “Someday, I’ll bring you to The Cheesecake Cafe. You’ll love it!” The Hub is not a fan of cheese but he hearts Cheesecakes! Not strange, because I’m just the opposite! 😛 Though I’ve never tried their stuff before, friends have often sung its praises for its authentic cheesecake selection. So last night, I decided to spring a surprise on him! In appreciation of his efforts to zip around Bugis Village with me (in search of his Brudders/Xiong Dis’ stuff for our wedding), after our late dinner of Zi Char opposite Iluma, I suggested us heading to the highly acclaimed Cheesecake Haunt! 😀

Oreo Cheesecake! For some1 who doesnt exactly fancy cheesecakes i.e. yours truly, this was just right! Not too sticky... and not too overempowering with that cheese taste. Don't get me wrong. I LOOOOOOVEEE Cheese like there's no tomorrow. But cheesecakes, im still learning and growing to love them 🙂

The non-cheesecake, Tiramisu. IMO, Coffee Bean's take wins 😉

Cappuccino to go with the delectable cakes. Yummy! Brings back nostalgic memories of Europe. Yearning to go back there again....

The Cheesecake Cafe was full house indoors with only a couple of tables left al fresco. We dined outdoors but was hoping to check out the indoor decors and hopefully, snap pics to share! Next time, perhaps 😉
Cake-wise, there were about 12 cheesecakes and 3 non-cheesecakes to choose from. Prices are steep at $7ish for each slice (skinny serving too) and there’s a guide which states the minimum order is 1 item per pax. Seeing that the crowd were mostly kids (OK, not exactly kids kids, but youngsters who were probably still schooling), we really wonder how they upkeep such lifestyle of cafe/coffee crawling. TSK! Such is the privilege of being young, carefree with zero commitments (financially!).

The Cheesecake Cafe
685 East Coast Road Singapore 459054
(Near Siglap Centre)
Tel: 6448-7725   
Closed on Mon & Tues


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Last Saturday, my family and us headed for brunch at Old Town, located @ East Coast Park, Big Splash. Weather was a killer but thankfully, the cafe was airconditioned (oh, pampered tweets!) and we enjoyed some family time in the laidback “kopitiam”. As expected, the place was packed with families and we ate in the midst of babies’ cries and endless chatter ala surround sound style. Food was yummy and we left with a rolly polly rotund pouch at our bellies 🙂

The hubby had the Old Town Rendang Chicken Rice
Wanting something simpler and less exciting for my 1st meal of the day, I opted for the Old Town Ipoh Lum Mee
Sister had the Old Town Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun
Mum had the Old Town Nasi Lemak Special
We shared yummy Curry Chicken

Dad had kaya toast but forgot to snap a picture before he devoured them =X
Apparently, read sometime back in the news that Old Town in Singapore is franchised by our local comedian, Mark Lee. Whilst he schmooze in the entertainment industry, his ex-air stewardess wifey heads the business here. How nice 🙂


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