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In celebration of Mother’s Day, I decided to surprise mummy dearest with something she does not receive often. Nothing too costly,┬ájust a simple bouquet of beautiful flowers. And from her response, I could tell she liked it ­čÖé┬á

A mix of deep red, light pink and white roses ­čÖé

For dinner, it was a toss between Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts http://dining.royalplaza.com.sg/ (we’ve tried this before) and some place new. Having had some dim sum at this particular restaurant, its unique array of dim sum took me by surprise and I was pretty eager to bring my family there for a dinner. This was the most opportune of times! And so we headed to Taste Paradise http://www.tasteparadise.com.sg/.Its interior decor is exquisitely done up with classy wallpaper, antique-ish statues and Chinese furnishings – think swordsmen dramas but on a more atas (in Malay:┬áhigh class)┬álevel. Was quite paiseh to snap the surroundings so my apologies for the lackof pictures to depict the nice decor. Let’s dive to the food! Here’s what 5 of us ate:

Fish Maw Soup with Almond Cream

┬áThis almond-based soup would probably┬ábe┬áa cup of tea for┬ásomeone who likes almond-flavoured nom-noms. This version of fish maw soup was indeed my first, and I must say, it’s a unique concoction. The usual fish maw soup is clear and starchy, nothing like this. Creativity: thumbs up! But personally, not for me.

Roasted Peking Duck

┬áLove this man!┬á One of my fave for the night ­čÖé Its skin is literally thin & crispy with no sight of any fat! For those who like their duck skin with nothing more and nothing less, this is a must-try! It’s like eating duck-flavoured chips except that they are really duck skin!

Grilled Stuffed Squid

┬áMmm… Mmm… another interesting take on a “normal” seafood. Nicely marinated and evenly grilled to perfection, the stuffings of meat and chestnut didn’t fight for the limelight nor camouflage the taste of the marination. Nice! ­čÖé

Tofu in Special Sauce

┬áDon’t be fooled by this nondescript-looking stack of tofu – they actually cost $7/pc! Considering the price, definitely our expectations were higher. Sad to say, it was not exactly super duper tofulicious. Staying with the ordinary tofu for the ordinary man. Nice: Yes. Affordability: No ­čśŽ

Fish in 2 Styles with Asparagus

┬áThis is an interesting mix – the same fish cooked in┬á2 styles. The deep-fried parts are all the bones-y areas which I didn’t dare to try. Hubby loves the bone parts but he said it was alright; no “wow” raves though. The stir-fried ones were normal enough, just like those fish slices fried with ginger. Quite jerlat after a few pieces.

Fried Vermicelli with Duck Meat in XO Sauce

With the┬áduck meat from the Peking duck, we had them fried with┬ávermicelli (also known as mee sua). Wasn’t too bad, tasted┬á“duckish” and also due to the characteristics of mee sua, there was a starchy taste. Probably cos┬áI was a little full, this┬ácarbo filled me up quickly leaving me feeling blah.┬á

On the whole, the dining atmosphere was enjoyable and it’s unlike the usual seafood restaurants with screaming children. Food-wise, be sure to be adventurous to try out their creative dishes. Price-wise, definitely not pocket-friendly. Unless it’s a special occasion, the masses wouldn’t head here for a normal meal.

P/S: As I’m unable to recall the exact names of the dishes, pls excuse me while I “name” them on my own…

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