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Had planned on OT-ing today but the whole office decided to run out to enjoy their long weekend. Was made to scurry out before 7pm and thus headed to Plaza Singapura for dinner and some ME time (plus shopping!) 😛 Wanting a little privacy and to stay away from the maddening crowd and hordes of youngsters, I popped right into Tea Cosy – a place i’ve always wanted to have high tea at with my BFFs!

I was seated by the glass window on the plush comfy cushioned seats with angels lined by my side. The small yet cosy cafe was peppered with diners; mostly in pairs, and sharing about each other’s day or girl talk. Instantly, I was immersed into another world…. much like in Europe 🙂 The atmosphere was casual and relaxing, a great way to round up the day and week! Was contemplating between the 3-course dinner and other ala carte mains… so what did I eventually indulge myself with?

Braised Duck Pasta - YUMS! With its fragrant garlicky aroma and distinct duckie smell, this piping hot plate of penne gets my thumbs up! East meets West fusion done right, I say! 😀

A hot cappuccino.... that got me thinking of Hub who's busy at work :/

This Angel was just beside me. Bring him home for $149!

All the precious angels adorned the room...

My view from where i sat, with the empty seat in front of me.

Tea Cosy
Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
#05-10 (Beside Spotlight)
Singapore 238839

For Reservations, please call 6341 9318.


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Dined at Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant @ Vivocity (again!) last weekend. Vivocity has a variety of restaurants to satisfy any growling stomach. From its new foodie tenants such as Xi Men Ding (for your Taiwanese food fix!) to the Honeymoon Dessert (for the sweet after-meal satisfier), this mall boosts a panoramic view of Sentosa as well.

Initially, we were considering to try Carnivore Brazillian Churrascaria but its buffet prices put us off. Was something like $48++/adult for a dinner buffet. All in all, that would have set us back by over $200 for a dinner on an ordinary day! Not wanting to be too extravagant, we walked further on and stumbled upon Serenity. We liked that it was something different (how often do you eat Spanish food?) and we liked its laidback casual style which was really inviting 🙂 Walking to our table, we realised it was “al fresco” style – non-aircon, with just the nice cool breeze. How relaxing 🙂

Now to the food, I must say, it was really good! We shared the dishes amongst the 4 of us and we were filled to the brim. Even had to takeaway the Pork Knuckles… haha…! Food galore ahead! Enjoy 😉

Serenity under the moonlight..... oh, i mean, candle light...!

Champiñoses al Ajillo (sauteed mix mushroom with garlic in olive oil) - Hmm, we ❤ this! Yums, i tell u! If you love your fungi, this is a definite must-have! It's soft, fragrant and just oh-so-yummy. I'm salivating at the thought of it already 😛

This was on a special menu - Deep Fried Squid with Garlic. Another YUMS from me! Crispy and chewy baby squid with tartare sauce 😉

Caldo Gallego (Spanish Galician soup made from onion, potato, white beans, dice jamon iberico, broccoli abd turnips) - Piping hot and just so comforting to slurp, this soup is not too heavy and with ample taste from the sliced ham that are in it. With veggies in this, it doesn't fill you up too quickly to leave little space for the other yummy stuff. Homemade goodness. Nice!

Another dish on a separate menu, this was Cheesy Fries. hehe! Nice nacho cheese with hot crispy skinny fries - anytime 😉

Pork Knuckles are a DEFINITE must-have when you go Spanish! Rosco de Cerdo (chef's crispy pork leg with romesco sauce) - Similar to Marche's take, this porky is more tender and its crispy skin is yummylicious! Goes well with both sauces that came along. Great with beer too, i hear 😉

Go on, U know U want it 😛

Another traditional Spanish dish, Paella. Arroz Negro (black squid ink paella), a chef recommended dish. Here's our individual share from the 2pax portion. Nice and fragrant without being stingy with the seafood 🙂

Serenity Spanish Bar & Restaurant
#01-98/99 VivoCity
Singapore 098585
Tel: 6376 8185
Fax: 6376 8184
Email: info@serenity.com.sg

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