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In celebration of TGIF, we had dinner at C-Nai Hong Kong Cafe @ Far East Plaza last evening. It used to be Gelare back then, which unfortunately, is now replaced. The queues were crazy at Chippy, Shihlin Market and this other Taiwan snack place that serves Snow Ice, Ice Milk Tea and the works. Can’t recall its name for crying out loud @.@

Hub had the Chicken Chop Curry Rice as he was craving for Scissors Cut Curry Rice before we made our way to FEP instead. lol.

Baked Chicken Chop with Ham Spaghetti - MINE! Spags felt a little too soft for my liking, probably becos it was "cooked" twice - boiled and baked.

A big piece of chicken chop plus ham slices in this piping hot, cheesy dish 😛

For a Saturday with a difference, some friends and I decided to go cycling at East Coast Park. So we cycled rented the bikes for 2 hours and headed for lunch nearby. As luck would have it, they opted for C-Nai! That’s double hit HK Chomps in 2 days in a row! 😛 Here’s what the 3 of us munched on after working those dormant muscles. Guess we put back on everything we lost before this. Oh man….

Beef Brisket Dan Dan Noodles - This was almost like what I had in HK years ago. The Chicken Cutlet Dan Dan Noodles that I had back then actually had a heap of PEANUT BUTTER on my noodles! YES, U read right! PEANUT BUTTER! I couldn't bring myself to finish the noodles then. C-Nai's version had a tinge of peanut in its soup base. Weird but bearable. Beef was not too bad but could have been a little more generous.

Hot & Sour Szechuan Soup - Yummyyyy... a tad spicy though, but nice! Hot and shiok! 😉

XO Fried Carrot Cake - this fragrant cubes fried with shrimps and some chilli are indeed appetising! An ideal dish for sharing as a side order.

Curry Fried Rice - my friend had this as she was super hungry and wanted to up her carbo to replace the energy lost during the workout hahaha!

Seafood Crispy Noodles - my other friend had this crispy-looking noodles with plenty of ingredients.. generous! It tasted normal though, she said, but the prawns were fresh! Something very crucial especially if it's seafood like prawns and squids.

Our tableful of HK lunch! Completed the meal with HK Milk Tea too. What a nice Saturday 🙂 *Wishing this would be how I'd get to spend all weekends... indulging in food no-less 😉

 Have a great weekend everyone! Share precious moments with your loved ones whenever you can 🙂 

East Coast Park
1000 East Coast Park. Marine Cove
(Next to Mcdonalds by the beach)
Open daily 12pm to 12am
Hotline : 6444 0123


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