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At times, I feel like a chef wanting to experiment in the kitchen. Since starting my new job, I’ve hardly had time to cook at all. Since we had nothing much planned for the day, I decided to cook up a feast of homecooked meal for dear Hub. That’s what Wives are for right? Though I’m not much of a chef, I think at least I tried 🙂

Our Simple Fanfare for the Afternoon

Stir-fried Japanese Teriyaki Beef

Ikan Bilis Soup with Tang-Oh (Vege), Button Mushrooms and Egg Tofu

Hub made the Chawanmushi <3<3<3

A simple lunch for the 2 of us. Wish I could do this a little more often. Nothing beats enjoying homecooked food with a loved one 🙂 Gotta learn new dishes soon so that we can experiment more. Haha!


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