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Instagram has successfully turned me into a point and shoot snapper. Literally. With iPhone’s unlimited access to the vast apps that are growing by the day, Instagram has earned a loyal following with its straightforward and user-friendly maneuverism (Heh that’s my self-created word, in case you’re wondering). Taking a pro-looking shot is now possible with some practice and accustomization to IG! Here’s some of my collection 


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Today, I had the good fortune of not just seeing, but also laying my hands on THE IPAD!
This legendary gizmo that’s been sending fans all over the globe, crazy and pining for it! With the tsunami-like wave from Steve Jobs (all hail DA man) and its launch in the US and finally, our sunny island, this Apple mania looks like its set to win the hearts of many more Apple “virgins”. With iPhone 4G being preordered by hordes of fans even with telcos resorting to unleash a capping of 2 phones per customer, this Appledom is growing by the second!
I kid you not. Simply google “Apple” and you’ll realise that you’ll probably find it hard to be led to a page that explains about the innocent fruit on the tree. The 246779052 pages on the latest IN fruit (move over, Mango. U only rule the hearts of females) surely is proof of the roaring success of a brand. Almost like cult, I’d say. We’re blown away, won over and ready to empty our pockets!

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Guess what??

What with the fuss and guzzling newest trend, we are now officially armed with the season’s hottest toy!

Apple Iphone!

Da Dynamic Duo

Da Dynamic Duo

We are not 1 of those couples who thrive on “couple stuff”, but we reckon since we were both fascinated with this 1-hit wonder that has taken the universe by storm, we allowed ourselves to be sucked into this clan.

As chance would have it, i caught a glimpse of a very handsome “clothing” for our lovely gadget – a product mention in Cleo, featuring the Trexta accessories. I knew my boy would love it! So we headed down to Robinsons pronto to get our hands on them! Considering there are loads of varieties out in the market, these were pretty extravagent (especially since we are supposed to be saving up for our upcoming expenditures… 😦 )

Italy or Gucci? 😛

We heart them! ❤


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