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As promised, if you’ve read my previous post: YUMMY YUMMY!, here’s the must-read AND must-know why the hubby ruled the kitchen for a night. muahaha! 

As told by The Man:

Initially, my plan was to get a half-day leave so that I could do the prep works prior to cooking. BUT, my boss rejected it and started to flood me with assignments although I had expressed my desire for the leave PLUS the reason. TSK! Sensing my unhappiness, she compromised a little and said “Ok, you can take 2 hours off to do your stuff.”  “Wah! Better than nothing”, I thought to myself. So I left the office on the dot, scurried over to Jason’s Market Place @ Raffles City Shopping Centre to grab the ingredients. Recipes and tips? My helpful colleagues told me exactly what to get and shared the how-to’s. Grab and go! Back to our home, non-stop preparation work. More gan chiong than a zi char chef. When you msged me that you were about to reach home before the agreed 730pm, Telling you to walk around the neighbourhood was to buy time. Once all was good, you arrived just in time back home 🙂

So there, now the hubby knows what sorta prep works go behind the scenes before any decent-looking food can be placed on the table 😛 It wasn’t just any ordinary day for us; it was our anniversary. And for him to whip up my fave Jap meal, was indeed double happiness for me! 😀 Here are more pics of the dishes the hubby prepared on his own. Pretty good for an amateur, i must say!

Baked Terriyaki Salmon 🙂

Crabstick Sushi + Seasoned Scallop (store-bought) Sushi! Cute!

Miso Soup - Yum Yum!

Chawanmushi 🙂

😀 Agadashi Tofu

Grilled Unagi with Teriyaki Sauce (Store-bought) - Yummy, nevertheless!

And my dearest got me a pretty watch that I’d been eyeing when we went shopping…. pweeeety! Love its big face and how it fits my wrist just right yet looks girly with all its pretty diamantes ❤ As for him, I got Kenko vouchers to pamper him from head to toes; a well-deserved treat for working so hard to earn the keeps for us 🙂

Eye Candy!


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