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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Britain’s Prince William and his long-time sweetheart, Kate Middleton sealed the relationship with a lavish nationwide (global, even!) live telecast yesterday, 29th Apr 2011.

Here are some snapshots from the Royal Wedding Frenzy!

princess-eugenie-of-york-and-princess-beatrice-of-york-royal-wedding-fashion.jpgPrincess of York, Eugenie & Beatrice attempted to upstage The Bride with OMG-headgears and outfits which totally put them in the limelight for the wrong reasons. Even Coco Perez couldn’t help but poke fun at them. What were they thinking, seriously!?

Katy Perry has definitely nailed the Prince, but not his heart. Must have been nursing a childhood crush on his special day, which marks an official closure for her to move on. Well, gotta applaud her for that fancy idea of having pictures on nails – just when we were amused by digital images on birthday cakes when they first emerged from the ovens years back. Image: Coco Perez

Now, here’s a nicely done set of arty nails to commemorate and CELEBRATE with the royal couple and their families (or should it be, kingdom?)! Classic, sophisticated and not OTT. Definitely suitable for daily wear, without having to worry about looking like a lovelorn or a walking cliche.
Image: fuckyeahprettynails

Something borrowed, something new,
something old, something blue,
And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

What did the newly-crowned Duchess of Cambridge do to fulfil the tradition?
Who could not contain his excitement and did a CARTWHEEL in public?
What controversy did Kate’s sister, Pippa, stir up?
Find out more about @ The Royal Wedding!

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