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Good grief!

And so it IS already 2010.
We are 3 mths & 17 days into 2010, so to speak.
Goodness gracious! I know, i know – i deserve a spanking. Sorry folks for the lackof updates. Loads of things have happened over the months (with the turn of the year) and many-a-times, I’ve been wanting to write but the procrastinator in me takes over. Grrr….!

So to fast forward, here’s a quick list of what’s happening!
1) I now have perfect eyesight! *squeals* — Yes! i braved myself up for the long-awaited LASIK surgery. No more 4-eyed Mimi! (well, except tt now i hide behind my shades quite a bit – for UV protection. and for fashion’s sake too. teehee…)

2) Am officially a “Mrs“! — Nod nod. Our ROM came and went smoothly and flawlessly. Thank goodness. ‘Cept for the slightly hot weather, all was good 🙂 Marriage life is a tad different. I mean, now that we have our own home, we have to do everything by ourselves. And i do mean everything… housework, cooking, washing, blah blah blah. But I’m really fortunate that my other half is a truly wonderful man. He puts in 101% for the housework in addition to his new position @ Society Uni. Prior to moving in, he harnessed 200% of energy, spirit and tremendous efforts in building our love nest. Thank you, baby :*

3) Our wedding dinner is 6mths away! — *Yikes* i tell u… times flies unknowingly. Especially when u’re not doing much. Preparations for the big day would need to commence soon! Decor theme, flowers, card printing…. Argh!! Horror of horrors! Nothing is done except having booked the ballroom for our special day *guilty*

4) Bridal Studio not picked yet! — Another heart attack. With just a few mths to go, we urgently need to settle with a BS like reallyyyy soon! Am so confused with all the package details blah blah. Most imptly, they are so costly. Bye bye dreams of any overseas photoshoot 😦

5) I’m not a Tai-Tai — Yes, indeed i’m not. I am officially not working at the moment but am actively looking out for a new job. Wonderfully timed right? With a million things happening at the same time. Sheesh. Well, hoping for the right company with the right package and career prospects to pick mi soon. Very much like searching for a husband. haha! 😀

And today you learned a little bit more about me.

I’m a huge procrastinator 😉


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