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Dad suggested dinner at Ma Maison, Bugis Junction, so we headed there for dinner 2 weekends’ ago. Famed for their ‘Hamburger’, which isn’t really like your usual Macs Hamburger. This French-Jap cozy restauranto was packed and we had to queue. Typically the case of a weekend. Here’s what we ate 🙂

Casear Salad. With yummy bacon bits and croutons, they add a tasty crunch. The veggies were crisp with sufficient salad sauce. Wouldn't have minded more bacon bits and croutons 😉 >> 4/5

Dad's Hotplate Hamburger Steak was set on flames! Missed the flames part =X

Special sauce drizzled over the sunny-side-up and the steak (a mix of beef + pork). Makes a filling meal 🙂 >> 4/5


Ma Maison's Hamburger Steak - all beefy! The sauce was a little saltish though. Makes a nice, easy meal; won't feel like exploding after it 😉 >> 4.5/5

Squid Ink Pasta 🙂 Could have been blacker. hehe. Plus, the lack of ingredients was made it kinda lacklustre. >> 3.5/5


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