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Guess what? It was Dad who recommended Nihon Mura for a family dinner. Having dined with Mum once, being a Jap foodie fan, he suggested dinner at this nondescript hideout at The Cathay.

The restaurant has a similar concept to Marche, except that Nihon Mura does not issue cards for customers to scan during order. Instead, this is how it works:

1) Choose your preferred dining table. Take the bamboo holder tagged your table number from the table.
2) “Shop” around the food gallery. Decide on what you’d like to have. E.g. Nabeyaki Udon
3) At the “stall front”, there are bamboo holders filled with ice cream sticks and food pictures pasted on each bamboo holder. Take the ice cream stick from the Nabeyaki Udon bamboo holder.
 4) Repeat step 3 at the other “stalls” and once your friends/family members who share the same dining table are done with their choice of food, proceed to the cashier with the bamboo holder tagged with the table number. Make payment.

Then, wait for your food to be served!

So it WAS literally like a supermarket-style kinda dining experience, where you happily pick the stuff you want and put them into the trolley (in this case, the bamboo holder with the table number) and exit at the cashier, proceed to wait for your food to be served thereafter. Here’s a sneak peak on what 6 of us had that night:


Fried Salmon Skin

Shitake Tempura

Chawanmushi, Salmon Roe Sushi, Snow Peas

Tuna Inari, Tempura Sushi, Salmon Sashimi Sushi, Unagi Sushi

Teriyaki Chicken Stix

Vegetable Hotpot

Cha Siew for the Ramen

Beef Sukiyaki


Fried Softshell Crab

Asparagus Wrapped with Grilled Bacon

 We struggled to finish the food although there were 6 of us – we had a movie to catch and were running late! That said, this new dining style has taught us a lesson: Always check with each other what they’ll be ordering. To avoid repeats or over-ordering. hahaha…


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Since its opening @ 313 for more than half a year, I’ve been eyeing this Italian cafe for the longest time ever. Its cosy-looking setup is what attracts me, and to dine in the midst of the crazy shopping crowd should make quite an experience too! 😉 Finally had the chance to try it out and boy, I was lost for words. *Pls excuse the pix due to the lighting at the restaurant 🙂

Creamy Mushroom Soup: 3/5

 If you love Marche’s Wild Mushroom Soup (which i do!), then you’ll find Tratorria’s take a little lacking in punch and wholesome mushroom bits. As a starter, it’s good, without filling you up too quickly.

Grilled steak with mushroom & garlic: 4.5/5

OOOH… we adored this. Was kinda like our saving grace from the mains. Heart the mushroom with garlic too. Fragrant bits! The sauce that accompanied was sour, sweet and black. Does any1 know what’s it called? 

Creamy Mushroom Carbonara: 3/5

The Man ate this and exclaimed “It’s too zalty!” I had a mouthful of it and declared it WAY better than mine 😦

Crayfish Pasta: 1/5 (MAJORLY FAILED!!)

I have to say, this is like 1 of the worst I’ve ever eaten (excluding homecooked) and it was an impossible disappointment. At $18.90, that makes it the most exp one on the menu but the noodles were overcooked and looked miserably like Maggi noodles. It was TOOOO salty and the crayfish were miserably tiny. Swensen’s famous Crayfish Pasta has crayfish that look like it. This just looked like a giant tiger prawn. *sigh* 

Lesson learnt: Never judge a restaurant by its appearance and ambience. Sad 😦

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