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Realised that my posts are usually back-dated. My bad! Weekdays are OT overdriven days, thus:
1) Fewer exciting happenings except work
2) By the time I’ve had dinner, there’s only time for a shower and off to dear bed

Nevertheless, I do enjoy writing (or literally, typing. haha.) alongside my humble pics that are taken with the iPhone. Hope that the readers out there (that’s you! 🙂 ) don’t mind. Am still learning and improving along the way and I’m really happy to see the readership growing! Plus, it’s lovely to receive comments from you 😀

A big THANK YOU! 😀

Here are the snapshots of Friday night, where the work bunch had a farewell celebration for one of the ladies. Funny how colleagues usually celebrate the “farewell” more so than the “welcome” of a newbie. The Plan for the Night: Dinner @ Marutama Ramen, Central. Followed by pubbing at Clarke Quay! Sorry, no dinner pics becos it’d seem kinda weird to snap snap snap the food with them *weak smile*

The ladies were contemplating Shanghai Dollies so we headed to Clarke Quay. Passed by Beer Market and its whimsical Foreign Exchange screen lookalike caught our attention. Something to note: The "time" on the screen is not actually a clock but a countdown timer for the promotional period and price! How interesting!

Check out that huge mug of Beer on the ceilingggggg...!!

We ended up at The Pump Room! 😉 Live Band was great too. Showtime: 1045pm - 1130pm. Colleagues say that The Pump Room is DA place for Hen's Nights and yes, there were a few groups that night celebrating the same cause! Haha! Probably a venue to consider, gals? 😉

P/S: Dinner at the highly popular Marutama Ramen wasn’t exactly fantastic for me because:
1) I’m not exactly a ramen fan
2) There were only 4 ramens to choose from and some sides to go along.

Nevertheless, the Marutama Ramen (non-spicy) that I had, does have a nice soup base. Noodles were not the QQ type though, my colleague commented on that first. For sides, we had White Radish (i like!), Tamago (Not bad.), Gyoza (Not bad.), Grilled Pork (Didn’t get to try cos not enough to go around). SO-so only. Probably would bring Hub here since he likes Ramen. Can’t believe it… since he was a holy Chinese food eater until we got together. LOL.


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