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Late last month, post-wedding photoshoot, a couple of frens and us sank our teeth into MOF’s Jap cuisine @ Marina Square, Centre Stage. In between girlie banters and chit-chat, we enjoyed our food though it was our first time eating there. I remember trying MOF’s Green Tea shake or the likes at Vietnam when I was there with my parents last CNY. There, their range of desserts was wow-wee! Tons of green tea stuff too <3! Here in SG, we were delighted with the wide selection of Jap food and we took quite awhile to decide on what we wanted despite angry growls from our tummies. LOL.

Miso Char Siew Ramen that Hub ordered.

Kinako Butteryaki, a mix of Golden Mushrooms and Shitake - YUM! 😛

Breaded Shishamo - crispy and crunchy 🙂

Tori Karaage - not too bad. Flavourful chicky chunks!

Presenting the Dragon Roll Mango Karigori... a Sushi Tei lookalike. Misses for this one. Rice kinda too "compact" if you know what i mean... and the portion of mango as compared to its predecessor, pales in comparison.

Tan Tan Ramen, looking hot & spicy!

After the hearty mains, we actually ordered yummy desserts (ice cream!) to sweeten the meal. But guess what? We were too excited to dive into the cold stuff, I forgot to whip out  my iPhone to capture their now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t looks. *sigh* Nevertheless, the Macha Zen and Sesame Zenzai were yummy! 😀


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