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 A few weeks ago, I chanced upon a Sally Hansen Nails Workshop ad in the local papers and excitedly told one of my gfs (she’s a nail fanatic!) about it. In no time, she replied over Whatsapp to say: “On!” With a fee of $38/pax (inclds. door gift worth $100), the session will cover tips on achieving and maintaining beautiful, healthy nails and of cos, introducing Sally Hansen (SH)’s line of products. There was no mention of it being a hands-on or demo session so we assumed the later will be done on “1 lucky lady” 😛

After a couple of correspondences to register, SH’s rep shared “to come in loose clothing” and my gf and i were kept wondering if they were going to make us sit on the floor or something. LOL! Turns out, it was a hands-on workshop, and we DID sit on the floor for one of the tips sharing by trainer, Ms. BG Tan. Coincidentally, my gf says that Ms. BG Tan has been to her previous organization for corporate trainings on grooming! That’s a nice gesture from an employer isn’t it?

Alrighty, sharing what went on during the class between ourselves. Nails were wet most of the time so wasn’t really able to take photos of other participants. They were really responsive and even put their feet on their table (becos Ms. BG Tan said “no1 comes to SH’s class without having feet on table!”) and the middle-aged ladies were giggling away. How cute!

The nail kit used during the session. They were ours for keeps too.

Get rid of annoying dead skin buildup around nails aka cuticles. Pampering our nails with 8hour Moisturizing Hand Creme thereafter 😉

After cleaning up our nail beds, it’s time to treat them with nourishments!
Practising on a fake nail – square file, round file and painting my first French tip! Ms. BG Tan said “Good!” 😀
Every 4 pax had a set of nail colours to choose, so we were spoilt for choices! What did i paint my nails with in the end? (Nope, that’s not me there :P)
TA-DA! Pronto Purple (#20) called out to me yet Blazing Blue (#23) seemed sparkly.. although I’m not usually a “blue” kinda person. What do you think of this combi? 🙂

Eventually, I didn’t dare to try French on myself. It would be too detrimental if I had to clean up and restart from treatment coats all over again 😦 Simply went with a safe option. Not very adventurous, am I?

I could tell all the ladies enjoyed themselves that morning – which was real nice 🙂 With gals from early 20s to mature women in their 40s, Sally Hansen has fans in every age! The lovely organizers even arranged for some simple foodfare and hot coffee/tea for everyone. I’m sure we left telling ourselves to remember that our toes need TLC massages too! *squeeze cream, massage clockwise, then anti-clockwise, next toe*

Wearing: Dress from Bangkok, Chunky Ring from H&M Hong Kong, Wedding Ring from Love & Co.

Disclaimer: All reviews and articles are based on impartial personal experiences, without responsibility or obligations  to neither brand/company/services/any other parties involved.  For collaboration opportunities, kindly drop a note to: whitesays@gmail(dot)com for a discussion.


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I ❤ Shrek!

Check this out, SHREK LOVERS! Spotted this ad in SWW June 2010 where OPI dedicates 6 Shrek colours to the Ogre family! With names like “Who the Shrek Are You?”, “Rumple’s Wiggin’ ” and “What’s with the Cattitude?”, express your inner Ogre with these 6 limited edition shades! 🙂

P/S: Any1 tried the Alice in Wonderland collection??

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Did you guess right?? Anyway I ended up getting 2 quirky colours cos it’s so boring to keep stickin’ to safe ones. Went to Etude House @ PS and there was this Korean “uncle” there giving out some kinda freebie in their little basket.

The box looked like it contained some compact powder but in fact, it was just cotton pads in there! There's a little sample of their product in the paper bag too.

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Oohh! Love the brilliant cheery colours at Etude House! These candy hues are so pretty, I couldn’t make up my mind. So I decided to test on my nails n spend a day with them.
Step 1: Seek hub’s opinion
Step 2: Get colleagues’ advice (females are good advisors when it comes to fashion & beauty!)
Step 3: Head back to Etude House the next day to get my hands on the desired colours!

As a special treat to myself & to pamper yours truly, I decided to get 2 shades. Guess which 2 I chose?? 😉

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