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So after 2 consecutive days of Hong Kong, we headed next to Taiwan for our foodscapades. On Sunday, the Hub started craving for Taiwan food. Wifey me googled for it and our trusty food guide, Hungrygowhere, churned out “Peng Lai Ge” along Joo Chiat, so off we headed! Turns out, its name has changed to a classier “Four Season” and it was crowdedddddd! My oh my, it’s like a hidden gem admist the crazy narrow roads and sleazy bars in that area. Here are the finger linkin’ good visual feast you’ve been waiting for! 😉

Look out for this signage! 🙂

My Oyster Mee Sua 😉 Nice and flavourful - typical TW style haha!

Hub's Lu Rou Fan... His verdict: The one he had in HK remains unbeatable!

Side Condiments: Chicken Floss, Hardboiled Egg & Pickles

The legendary XXL Chicken - falls short of Shihlin Market's version though.

Egg Pancake with Flosssssss..... Not too bad but quite eggy and not crispy enough. The overall taste was nice 🙂 Havent had this in a loooooong time.

My comfortable cuppa of Chrysanthenum with Wolfberries 🙂

Hub's BOBO Milk Tea (what does BOBO mean? Cos the others were "Bubble" Tea... hmmm...

This makes a nice and cosy place to meet up with friends or dine out with the family for some authentic TW food at affordable prices! Very economical! Our bill was about 20ish for 2 pax?? Considering that we had 2 mains, 2 sides PLUS 2 drinks… that’s really value for money 🙂


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