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A huge pimple has decided to land on my chin! Horror of horrors! As time passes, cell renewal slows down and acne takes a longer time to heal. Due to the slowdown in metabolism, the cell regeneration deteriorates in relation to the less-than-optimal internal skin matrix.

That said, this “hot button” is definitely a warning sign to yours truly! Time to start taking preventive measures to defend skin against acne and blemishes!

Acne Prevention 101:
1) Remove makeup thoroughly especially eye makeup. Always use the appropriate eye makeup remover.
2) Double cleanse for optimal makeup removal. Follow up with cleanser after using makeup remover.
3) Invest in a suitable gentle facial scrub or exfoliant. Use 2X a week to remove dead skin cells and to promote cell renewal rate.
4) Use a suitable toner (or sometimes known as Lotion, but not to be confused with a moisturizer type) for your skin type. Toners act as skin primer for the absorption of subsequent skincare products. For oily skin, choose one that helps to control/balance oil secretion.
5) A moisturizer is a must-have! Lotion is a lighter version and ideal for those with oily/combination skin type. Cream would be slightly richer and works better for dry skin type. Mature skin would usually veer towards cream types. Based on skin concerns (eg: dehydrated skin, acne-prone skin, premature aging etc), pick a suitable one for your needs. A night cream is recommended; usually a richer version to deliver essential nourishment while you sleep.
6) SPF protection is the ultimate weapon against the sun! If your day cream does not contain SPF, be sure to apply sunblock. Makeup may contain SPF too and acts as an additional protection. However, the higher the SPF aka Sun Protection Factor, it does not mean that your skin is better protected. Reapplication is key when it comes to sunblock! Even if you’ve applied a sunblock with SPF 100, when you perspire, all’s gone and so, it is recommended to reapply every 2hrs especially when you’re outdoors or doing sports.
7) Makeup can turn a plain Jane into a sexy Mankiller. Choose non-comedogenic makeup to prevent clogged pores after use. Look out for artificial colouring and fragrance as it’s best that they are not included in them as prolonged use may lead to pigmentation problems and cause sensitized skin.
8 ) Got a pimple?? Use treatment products that contain salicylate acid or benzoyl peroxide. Do bear in mind to look out for lower % concentrates of these active ingredients if it’s your first time using. This is to prevent “burning” of skin as they may be too harsh.
9) On unaffected areas, work on those pesky blackheads to remove these unsightly things. Personally, I use Biore Pore Pack and I still remember its cute TV commercial with the girl swinging her legs from left to right with a pore pack strip pasted across her nose 😉
10) As a treat after work or a long and tiring day, pamper skin with some lovely masks. The same, select according to your skin needs to effectively deliver much-needed perks and nutrients to precious skin!

Have you got some special products you swear by? Share them with us! 🙂


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