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New products and newly imported brands are churning out fast and furious. With the onslaught of Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese brands and products, these gems have already made their name known (thanks to the Internet!) even before landing on our shores.

Our Western counterparts aren’t resting on their laurels either. With counter brands, mass brands and masstige brands making waves to fight for each consumer’s limited pocket size, when it comes to products, marketing holds no bars for companies who are willing to and can afford to splurge.

There’s been quite a few eye-targeted products launched recently that have caught my eyes as well (pun, intended). Our eyes are the windows to our soul and playing up the eyes can instantly improve one’s appearance from “sleepy/tired” to “alert/refreshed”!

Try this little experiment on yourself:
1) Cleansed face thoroughly removing all traces of makeup and skincare.
2) Apply eye cream on left eye and massage gently. Do nothing to the right eye.
3) Choose an eyeshadow or eyeliner, and carefully apply onto eye area. Continue to ignore the right eye.
4) Step back from the mirror and compare the differences – you’d be amazed!

With my infamous single eyelids and fair skin, I’m plagued with beyond-hope panda eyes and puffy excess baggage underneath. For that, I’ve always been a religious user of eye creams and cultivated the habit since my JC days. Anyhow, here’s a lowdown on what’s on my list for the top 5 coveted eye products I’d love to smear my eyes with: 

Part of Anna Sui's Beach Collection 2011, this star product allows effortlessly eye play with 7 different combinations. (S$39)

L'Oreal's latest innovation - combining a micro-vibrator (with 130 micro-vibrations per sec!) and eye cream - to rid dark eye circles, dark spots and eye bags. Replaces the double pump whitening eye cream. (S$34)

With its contoured ceramic-tip applicator, this new love claims to instantly cool and massages skin to re-engerize the thin skin around eye. De-puffs and lightens eye area with regular use. (S$90)

Saw these chubby babies as reviewed by Faces by Sarah (www.facesbysarah.com) and couldn't get them off my mind since! Totally diggin the blue hue! There's black (super black, i like too!), white and silver too for these Sephora Jumbo Liner 12hr Wear. At a steal, S$17 each!

Exclusively chosen to launch in Changi Airport Singapore (and not even Japan!?), the SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream is probably getting raves from Singaporeans and tourists alike already! Has anyone been lucky to get hold of this yet?

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