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Move over, LBD, fancy hairdos or gigantore blingblings!

Be the star of attention (and talking point!) wherever your feet take you. Yes, no less! It’s  shoes we’re talking about.

Israelean freelance footwear designer, Kobi Levi, has created much buzz in the art galores and with international shoe-natics, all the way from Brazil, Italy and even China. A firm believer of artistic beauty, Kobi draws inspirations from the “shoe-world” and synergizes his innate talent with the technicalities of creating footwear that’s actually, wearable. The shoe ” is “alive” with/out the foot/body”, Kobi muses.

Whether its to your liking or not, the extensive variety of designs and concepts that were fused into each pair, is strangely, sane. Most inspirations come from everyday objects and beings such as animals (ducks, dogs, kittens) and even the market trolley bag. How cleverly they are being immersed into a pair of wearable footwear, is indeed the trickiest aspect of the entire masterpiece.

His quirky concepts were also featured in Alexis (Singapore-based mag, Vol. 1).

Here are some of my personal favourites:


::Olive Oyl:: It's good ole Popeye's lady! Minimalist and nothing too OTT, which adds a nice touch to any dress..::Blond Ambition:: For the daring one! Definitely a statement piece - comes equipped with a mic, mirroring the stereotypical personalities of blondes? Love the shiny gold and its pointy tip which would make a great pair to take you from boardroom to play; pants suit or dress, effortlessly!

::Slide:: Brings back those childhood memories of playtime, this pair lends a playful touch for the cheeky lady who has no qualms of projecting a less serious side. Love the bright, cheery hues!

::Sling-Shot:: On closer look, this is actually a wearable catapult! How clever! Conjures a nice white grecian toga dress to go with this simplistic pair.

::Chewing Gum:: OK, i did laugh when I saw this one. Literally walking with a hardened piece of gum stuck on your shoe. Looks great with dark denims, and loving its easy to match colours too!

::Market Trolley:: Marketing has never been this stylish - roll, i mean, stroll to the market with this pair, and don't forget the matching trolley to go along!

Images courtesy from kobilevidesign.blogspot.com.


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How much do you actually know about our feet?

  • Our feet travel an average 115,000km in a lifetime – more than four times the circumference of the globe.

  • People take an average of 10,000 steps every day.
  • The foot is an amazing network of 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 31 tendons and metres of nerves and blood vessels.
  • That’s not all…

  • Women have about four times as many foot problems as men; wearing the wrong shoes – including high heels and pointy toes causing many of the problems.
  • A new footwear survey from ShopSmart, a Consumer Reports publication revealed some astonishing results as well as some better known facts! Polling over 1,000 women, the average woman reportedly owns 17 pairs of shoes with each pair costing around $49. Of her collection of shoes, only three pairs are in regular rotation. Does that sound like any of you? 😉

    SO, what else did the interviews reveal?

    • 39% of women prefer flats more than any other shoe (I belong here!)

    • 46% have bought an ugly pair for comfort, while 60% endure pain for pretty shoes (yeah, sometimes…and i end up regretting it..)

    • 48% have had shoe-related injuries (thankfully, no)

    • 29% shop for shoes online (nope, due to my tofu, problematic feet)

    • 14% have hidden at least one purchase from their spouse (haha, not feasible as our shoe housing is shared!)

    • 51% notice the shoes others are wearing (who doesn’t? :P)

    With the feet’s grounded responsibility of taking on our entire body weight and bringing us where our hearts and mind desire, do treat our feet to a little TLC as and when, if we can. Those tired muscles and tinkles need some prettying up too! Check out today’s deal at Groupon, the ultimate deal saver which gives you more for your buck, with up to 90% discounts!

    TODAY'S DEAL! $28 for 90 Minute Classic Mani Pedi + 15 Minute Crystal Mud Leg Treatment (Worth $70)

    It’s such a bargain, i’m so tempted to get this voucher too! Happy feet, happy me! 🙂


    Source and credits:
    Foot Facts (www.heelntoe.com.sg/footfacts)
    Fascinating Shoe Facts ( http://sg.promotion.yahoo.com/weekend-edition/hype/post/hype/70/fascinating-shoe-facts.html)
    Groupon SG (www.groupon.sg)

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