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My apologies for the lackof posts lately! Been tolling at least 11hr workdays, as well as juggling personal matters at the same time. Thank you for your patience!

Nevertheless, here’s the long-awaited post since Explore: Marina Bay Sands (Part I)! πŸ™‚

A bird’s eye view of the awe-inspiring architectural gem, the Sands SkyPark.

Most of us might have already heard of the iconic structure atop the MBS towers. This unique masterpiece is a distinct feature of a ship. I was curious to find out why a ship was in place, so i googled and here’s what churned out: According to the IQPC FPSO, Singapore progressed from being a small regional ship repair and building centre, transforming to a world-class hub for international trade and offshore operations it is today. Hence, the “ship” is a highly apt symbol to represent Singapore, in terms of economic evolution.

On the other hand, it might also be a feng shui belief, to roll in the moolah. Apparently, a sailing ship symbolises wealth. Definitely a more suitable choice compared to other elements such as Chinese Ingots or Koi Fish, right?

Did you know?

The Sands SkyPark stretches LONGER than the Eiffiel Tower laid down or four and a half A380 Jumbo Jets, with an impressive 12,400 square meters of space, the Sands SkyPark can host up to 3900 people! Hope over to the Marina Bays Sands Official Site to read more!

The Sky Pool at the SkyPark. Awesome spectacular view definitely. Looks and feels as if you're swimming at the edge. Not really for the faint hearted or height phobic ones though.

Sunbathers and swimmers enjoying the breeze, warm water and the public stares πŸ˜‰

View from the other side. The many ships and boats at sea πŸ™‚

That's Gardenasia in progress! Slated to be an eco-garden, this is gonna add more greenery to the urban community in the MBS area πŸ™‚


Happy people dipping in the hot jacuzzi pool. Whee!

We could see the Floating Platform from the other end πŸ˜‰

Indoors architectural grooves within the hotel. Asymmetrical lines. Pity the cleaners though.

More lines!

Dinnertime! Off to Jin Shan, for a Chinese dinner.

Appetizer: Sweetened Tau Pok with Carrot. Something new for me. Instead of the usual braised peanuts.

Dad's Boiled Soup of Minced Meat. Tasty but personally felt that the meat taste was kinda strong.

Service staff preparing our Peking Roasted Duck!

Crispy Peking Roasted Duck πŸ˜‰

Coffee Honey Pork Ribs. Nice marination. Pork lovers would love them better.

My Hot & Sour Soup. It was really hot, sour PLUS quite spicy!

There's the duck! Fried Duck Meat wrapped with Fresh crunchy Lettuce. YUMS! But a tad saltish on its own but goes great with the lettuce πŸ˜€

Stir-fried Asparagus with Garlic. Refreshingly crunchy; love the garlicky taste!

Indoors view during the night....

After dining, we went out from the Shopping Promenade to venture around. This fantastic view was just great! With National Day fast approaching, i felt a strong sense of pride and felt proud of our home country. Happy belated Birthday, Singapore! ❀

Whilst we were soaking in the night scene with the bustling crowd out there with us, the next thing we all knew - FIREWORKS!! What a splendid surprise! We reckoned it was some YOG affair, as there was some event of sorts going on at the floating platform. Nice way to end the night πŸ˜€


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We had the exclusive opportunity of a night’s stay @ MBS, the latest talk of the town in sunny Singapore. Famed for housing one of the Integrated Resorts (IRΒ for short, which also means casino) in SG; with the other being Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) which opened its doors first in Feb this year.

With only a day, we spent exploring + eating, of cos! With the 1st day of the long weekend from 7 – 9 Aug, it was definitely a god-sent break for us. The hotel stay felt like a getaway to another country, although only for a day πŸ™‚

Lunch @ The Coffee Bean & Tea LeafΒ Beanstro!

Lunch @ The Coffee Bean! Dad's Salad πŸ˜‰

Hub's Chicken Pasta which he changed to creamy sauce. Think he kinda regretted ordering this with its lackof ingredients. Practically negligible!

Dad's Ice Blended Cappuccino and Mum's Ice Blended Black Forest (on my recommendation!) - i ❀ this! πŸ˜‰

Moi had the Salmon thingy.... not bad! πŸ˜‰ But pretty exp for a pastry...

Here's a peak at my Salmon lunch. Healthy salmon bursting with Omega-3 + Iron from Spinach!

Here's our view while dining in the early noon πŸ™‚

Dining by the still relaxing river.... with a gondola passing by every few mins... simply brings back memories of Venice... missing Europe....!

Β Our Room for a Day!

The spacioussssss bathroom! This is just the bath tub section you're viewing!

Amenities counter! See the 2 opaque glass doors on the right? Those are the toilet cubicle and standing shower area respectively! Oh! And i forgot to mention, this entire bathroom is on an open-door concept! But of cos, there's a wooden sliding door you may pull out for privacy. Else, when you soak in the bath tub, it's just you and the entire open space. Sounds shiok right?!

Inviting beds! Woohoo!

Study area beside the TV

Couch to laze around and to watch TV

The not-so-fantastic view from our window. We were at Tower 2, heard that Tower 1 has a nicer sea view. Maybe next time!

And the story continues in the next post………………… πŸ™‚

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