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Ahhhh… been eating and shopping and have not had the time to post updates! Sorry folks. This entry’s gonna be a collage of weekly euphoria with yum yums! I’d expect that there’d be a series of quick posts like these coming up! 😉 Dive in and feast your eyes! 😀

Relishing every bit of our Tiramisu - it used to cost around $5 like 10yrs ago but now, it's $6ish! Inflation!

Hub enjoying a cuppa Hot Cafe Mocha

My Cappuccino 🙂

Sliced Fish Bee Hoon Soup @ Mountbatten Food Centre, opp Dakota Crescent. Yums! Hub had it the day before and he fell in love with it, so the very next day, he "shared" his amazing discovery with me! 🙂

Ice Cream Chef! Green Tea Ice Cream with Honey Bunch of Oats & Mocha Ice Cream with Granola Oats *Happy!*

Lunch @ Careshop de Cafe: Chicken Cutlet Rice. Explosion!

The ever-crowded Prawn Mee Stall off Martia Rd

Uber pricey Prawn Mee @ $5.50 with only 1 fresh prawn 😦


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