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Some nice ladies sent me a brand new mascara to try, and I thought, “Hey, why not?” Being a mascara-phobic, my previous experiences with mascaras have not exactly been smooth-sailing. Coupled with my fear of it falling into my eyes and horror of horrors, blinding me forever; i daren’t put on mascaras on a regular basis unless I really have to.

Strike a Pose with the Diorshow Iconic 😉

Touted to be an outstanding performer, the Diorshow Iconic was inspired by professional catwalk techniques and Dior couture expertise. With its patented angled brush, it promises to give lashes an extra ‘oomph!’ plus an ultra lifting effect for supremely lifted lashes with long-lasting curls.

Here’s my review of it 🙂

An Eye-opening Experience!

Before Use: My lashes are fine and lacks volume & length; doesn’t help that my eyes are small too + single eyelids
After Use: Individual lashes are thicker, longer and more obvious. Eyes are bigger instantly!

Product Texture and Effectiveness:
It does coat my lashes individually and they become more obvious, darker and longer too – great!
Any clumping? 
It didn’t clump lashes; i tried coating repeatedly for about 6-7 times but my lashes were still evenly coated. Good!

Ability to build good length and thickness, and hold a curl:
Length and thickness was good! Curl-wise could have been better because I noticed the lashes “drooping” in less than 10mins. They were “lifted” only for awhile and the curl was not obvious. Might have worked better with an eyelash curler 🙂

Ease of Removal:

Used a makeup remover to remove it but may have worked better with an eye makeup remover.


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Whilst doing some research on ideas for the perfect dress, one of the links brought me to this blogsite set up by a newlywed, who put up beautifully taken pictures from her wedding. I totally love the bright, cheery colours, i tell you! I’m so gonna consider the colour scheme for mine. keke. But first, have to propose the idea to my boy 😛

Credits: Kelly Melissa Photography


Bright & Happy! Heart ❤


Contrasting Colours

Colours make me feel happy! Brightens up the day instantly, dontcha think? =D

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Am hunting for various references for my ultimately perfect dress for the ROM. Any suggestions, recommendations or ideas? As it would be an outdoor event, am thinking of a short one with a touch of girliness, yet pure and as serious as the event itself. To top it off, I’ll be leaving the perfect dress in the good hands of my designer friend, Audrey! I’m sure she’ll conjour up the most beautiful piece, channelling all the charm of a perfect wedding 😉
 Here’s a few I’ve chanced upon thus far:

TW Bridal

Puffiness Exuding Girlish Princessy-ness~

 Maybe it’s the model’s long, sexy locks. Maybe it’s the lush greenery and the romantic harmony of the grass with the skies. This dress caught my eyes when I was flipping thru’ Taiwan’s Wei Wei Bridal. Love the sweet girlish (and possibly even impish?) touch 😉

TW Bridal

Textures + Chiffon Layers = Chic!

 Spotted in Taiwan’s Wei Wei Bridal mag too,  love how the train falls so nicely creating a wonderful balance when worn, rather than being way too long and threatening to pull one’s weight aside. Nice chiffon layering too!

Gavin Douglas' Layers the Textures

Gavin Douglas' Layers the Textures (credits: The Short Wedding Dress Club)

This one’s of an ideal length, also depicting the layered textures that I seem to have taken a liking to. The embellishments at the waist area looks sophisticated and I’m making a mental note. hehe.


Interesting ruffles on the dress! A tiny concern on whether they may look messy and weigh the dress down when standing though. (hmmm…) Like the details on the chest area though since they are efforts to emphasize a lady’s bosom buddies 😛


French Lace?

A pretty conservative piece, this dress adds a touch of French class and looks so preeeety! Hm, but since we’ll be having our solemnization ceremony in the outdoors, i’m kinda worried i might end up melting in the sweltering heat. Bride with dripping armpits? Not.a.good.sign.

That’s all for now on dresses. Stumbled upon an interesting blogsite by a newlywed. Off to check it out! Will dedicate an entry to it 😉

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Admist juggling work above all else, i’m also busy with research work in preparation for our big day. Yup, you read right! I’m finally, officially and legally-recognised as a “grown-up”! (Haha, ok i’m definitely over 21).

With just a couple more months to go, my guy and I know that we’re actually pretty lax for now. With a list of things NOT done, we’re starting to feel the jitters man. Here’s a quick mental note to self on the to-do stuff:
1) Theme for ROM setting incld. decor
2) Theme for outfits includ. shoes, accessories etc.
3) Wedding favours
4) Get a photographer & videographer
5) Makeup artiste cum hair stylist
6) JP ~ confirmed! 🙂
7) Venue ~ confirmed! 🙂

And most importantly.....
we have yet to submit the e-filing for ROM! 

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