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Today, I’d like to make an announcement.

I’ve been keeping it for awhile.. and.. it’s making my heart beat twice as fast.

Well… *takes a deep breath*

I’m officially a writer! *twirls around*
Yup! Okay, a freelance one at that.

To those who have been reading would know that it’s kinda my little dream and desire to be one. SO, imreallyhappyrightnow! *YAY*

Aside from other works which I’ve done in the past (sorry, not too convenient to share at this point), this is a new milestone for me which also explains my lack of articles here over the past couple of weeks.

Just a couple of simple articles. Hope you guys enjoy it. Do “like” them to support OK? Feel free to leave nice comments too – that’d be the sweetest encouragements to me 🙂



Thank you, everyone and especially 8flo for this wonderful opportunity! Definitely looking forward to more in the pipelines! 😀


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