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Good grief!
The lackof updates is making me ashame! If you’re still reading this, thanks so much!
It’s nice to know that the daily stats are not at kosong (aka zero in Malay) despite the absence.

So, what happened?

I’m STILL gorging myself silly with food and actively snapping yummy food to post up. Haha… no less! Unfortunately, i’ve been robbed of time due to work as well as personal stuff such as our wedding! YUP! I’m officially officially a MRS now. muahahaha! And with the kind of crazy preps to do before our BIG day, our weekends are mostly burned from running around getting things (i.e. burning a hole in the pocket e.g. buying things for 过大礼, gown fittings, getting guests to RSVP blah blah blah), so yeah. Hope I’m forgiven! *puss in boots’ eyes*

And the Saga continues…

Nontheless, some quickie updates from where we left off.

Singapore’s 45th National Day!


Special thank you to J, for the premium VVIP passes! 🙂


Dressed in Red, the spectators and us baking in the fierce fireball up there!

The brave skydivers who soared the clear blue skies, making perfect lands at the Floating Platform. Thumbs up!

Corinne May belting out the official NDP 2010 song!

Fireworks galore! Unfortunately, my camera died on me towards the middle of the show. OMG!

An Encounter with a Handsome Lad


My friend, SL, brought her baby along for our dinner gathering. Prince Lucas!


 Sweet Morning Surprise

The Hub woke me up 1 morning, led a blurry eyed moi to the dining table laid with 2 plates of piping hot American breakfast and out of nowhere appears 3 stalks of deep red roses! ❤ ❤ ❤

 Mom’s Marvellous Spree


Went shopping with Mum for an evening dress for the BIG day and brought her to ALT@Heeren. Boy, it's like a ghost town on a weekend, can you imagine?! Mum couldnt find a perfect dress but instead got herself 2 pairs of stylo mylo shoes! *buries my face in shame*



Claypot Tofu was yummylicious! The Chef captured the perfect balance to tantalise tastebuds. YUMS!Tea Cosy - Comfort Food @ Cozy Corner Hub had the Beef Steak Burger of sorts (sorry, can't recall the exact name!). The nicely marinated meat was juicy and tender. Thumbs up 🙂

Moi had the Chicken Chop, which was succulent and not too heavy. Wiped out everything on the plate 😉

Piping hot claypot of Seafood Crab Bee Hoon Soup served right up! SHIOKas treat especially on a rainy day. Was a tad too much for the both of us; ideally to share with 3 pax if you're gonna order side dishes too. Else, you might get a little jerlat.

The other stylo pair by Steve Madden. Previous pair was a Nine West.


1 for 1 Offer on Magnums!! GRAB AH! Sold like hot cakes literally. Only at Cheers though.


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Had planned on OT-ing today but the whole office decided to run out to enjoy their long weekend. Was made to scurry out before 7pm and thus headed to Plaza Singapura for dinner and some ME time (plus shopping!) 😛 Wanting a little privacy and to stay away from the maddening crowd and hordes of youngsters, I popped right into Tea Cosy – a place i’ve always wanted to have high tea at with my BFFs!

I was seated by the glass window on the plush comfy cushioned seats with angels lined by my side. The small yet cosy cafe was peppered with diners; mostly in pairs, and sharing about each other’s day or girl talk. Instantly, I was immersed into another world…. much like in Europe 🙂 The atmosphere was casual and relaxing, a great way to round up the day and week! Was contemplating between the 3-course dinner and other ala carte mains… so what did I eventually indulge myself with?

Braised Duck Pasta - YUMS! With its fragrant garlicky aroma and distinct duckie smell, this piping hot plate of penne gets my thumbs up! East meets West fusion done right, I say! 😀

A hot cappuccino.... that got me thinking of Hub who's busy at work :/

This Angel was just beside me. Bring him home for $149!

All the precious angels adorned the room...

My view from where i sat, with the empty seat in front of me.

Tea Cosy
Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
#05-10 (Beside Spotlight)
Singapore 238839

For Reservations, please call 6341 9318.

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