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I’m officially sick today. Was sleeping in perspiration in the wee hours of the morning, and shivering when I got out of bed. DAMN. I’m officially sick today (yes, I know I repeated this). Sigh. With 2 pending meetings for the day, I had no choice but to postpone them. Makes me feel like I’m making things inefficient for others, especially since we’ve already set the date for both sessions. Oh well. Better than me fainting in the middle of it *imagining the worse*

So I was stuck at home, went back to mum’s place to rest and all I did was sleep, sleep and sleep. Zzzz…….. Only woke up for lunch and then headed back to snuggle in my bed again. During the only “awakening moments”, I decided to log onto Facebook and check out on updates. Starting scrolling down the Pages that I’m a Fan of and, my-oh-my! A pleasant surprise awaits me!

I clicked on “The HandBurger” and started to scroll down a little and saw that they had posted up links of blogger reviews. This title caught my eye – “Got My Hands on the Handburger!” Hmm.. familiar, i thought… Must be one of those blogs I’ve chanced upon during my surfing. HEY-HO! The link was actually back here to whitesays.wordpress.com! WOW-WEE!! I must have been too groggy to realise that. *LOL!* Nevertheless, a very, very sweet discovery! Thank you “The HandBurger” for chancing upon my post too! ❤ That really made my day! 🙂

The Wonderful Surprise - one of the nicest thing that can happen, is to have someone recognise and appreciate one's efforts 🙂

Here’s the link to my post on The HandBurger 🙂


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We landed at 313 once again in a span of just 2 weeks! Gosh! This time to spoil our palates at the Handbuger 🙂 Have been walking past this place but was always put off with the Q outside. A hungry man is an angry man, ya know?

The Handburger is unlike your usual burger joint. Its woody ambience and benches reminded me of The Soup Spoon (any idea if they’re related anyway?), but it was a nice, cosy corner for tummy filling session 🙂

Get ready for some foodilicious eye feast!

Ready, Claws?

Burger + Top-up = Set Meal! 🙂

 To enjoy a complete meal, simply top up $4 or $6 to include a side dish and a drink to go with their yummy burgers. The Handburger even has an interesting site too with their menus all up so you can even decide what to eat before heading down! Check out what we each devoured!

The Hubby’s half-eaten onion rings >> 2/5 😦

This reminded me of Tony Roma’s loaf of onion rings but upon sinking my teeth into them, they felt too oily for my liking. There was this “juice” that oozed out and i’m pretty certain, it’s not onion juice….

Chunky Mushroom Soup >> 5/5 *YUMS!*

 Definitely a replica of The Soup Spoon’s Velvety Mushroom Stroganoff! The heavenly marriage of chunky mushroom bits and creamy soup + black pepper is one way to win my heart stomach! Some bits of the mushroom in there were slightly hard (probably the stalk of the mushroom part) but it’s lovely nonetheless. Won me over with 2 thumbs up! 😀

The Handburger Original + A Sunny Side-up >> 3.5/5

The hubby had this and i took some bites as well. Beef patty was soft and juicy. Nice. Reminded me of Ma Maison’s hamburger (oh no, been eating similar food of late). At least the meat was soft – unlike the one in front of me.

My Chicken Caesar Burger >> 3/5

My Towering Burgerrrr

It’s piled with baked chicken breast wrapped with bacon, sliced mozzarella, mushroom and a bed of salad, it really made a ho bao (in Cantonese; super tummy-filling) meal man. My main grouse: the chicken was TOO hard! Although the taste was right, chomping it was tough and caused some discomfort to my already crazy jaw (am having some issues with my jaw… no idea why) so that kinda took some points off. The hubby said it was pretty jerlat (in Malay; sick of having the same thing repeatedly) too, so guess I won’t be having this the next time I visit The Handburger again.

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