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Last Sunday was a lazy day so after I woke up, I decided to make myself some food with the remnants of whatever I had in the kitchen (not an easy attempt, ok!) Ransacked the fridge and cupboards and found these:

My fave brand of Chicken Franks plus some egg toufu... hmmm....

A canned of Tuna Mayo and the "ramen". HAHA!

 Found some leftover crabsticks too but they had expired (the cons of stocking up when there’s only 2 in the house). Was happy to see the chicken franks cos they would make up my “meat” for the meal. I’m all for a balanced diet ok! And so the chicken franks were defrosted. Alas! To my dismay, after they were defrosted, I took a closer look at them and discovered some green spots on them. EEeeewwwwww!! Big time!! 😦 Utterly disappointed. Had to bin it. Hence, my bowl of first attemped ramen looked like this:

TA-DA! Not exactly appetizing-looking right? Better job next time. P/S: that's a slice of cheese btw.. haha..


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