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It’s getting near! Yes, it’s our long awaited H-O-N-E-Y-M-O-O-N! *jumps for joy*

Seriously, we haven’t been spending much time planning this once-in-a-lifetime trip (and it’s not an excuse, i know…) but as the day draws closer, I’m starting to get flustered over the lackof research and knowledge of the States. Yup, off to the USA, that is!

And since we’ll be there for a few weeks, a sketchy outline of our plans look something like this:
1st – 5th day: Drive up to Las Vegas + touring The Strip and Downtown
6th – 12th day: Zooming up to LA/Napa Valley/Hollywood/Disneyland
13th – 20th day: Off to San Francisco/Premium Outlets/Sights & more!

OK, there you have it – a brief overview, as it is! Geez… i seriously need MORE info than this! Anyone able to share some tips and notes on what/where we could go/do/eat/stay at these regions?? *Puss in Boots’ eyes*

I must say, I chanced upon a very helpful blog sharing information on Las Vegas and the author of The Las Vegas Urbanite is such an awesomely, helpful fella!! Thanks much for shedding (insider’s) light with those not-to-be-missed stuff at Vegas! 😉

Anyhows, whilst I devour those borrowed books from the library (currently reading Lonely Planet’s Las Vegas City Guide and Frommer’s California 2009), my mind conjures up outfits to put together for the trip. I’m just a girl! Plus, since it’s my birthday month, I took the chance to stock up those travel essentials at Watsons, enjoying 5X more bonus points!

Watsons VIP Perks – have you gotten yours yet?

 Shopping Spree! What an excellent excuse to SHOP, seriously! Nothing crazy; definitely needed these travel essentials.. uh-huh…

This was on my list of must-have, simply becos it’d be a refreshing perk during the long flight plus hot/dry weather. At 50ml, its handbag-perfect size plus more affordable price compared to Evian and Avene, it’s my choice! Gave the other bottle to a gf who’s honeymooning there before us! What fun!

Multi-purpose for your everyday usage!

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS protect from the Sun! After deliberating between Vichy and La Roche Posay, L’Oreal was the more affordable option at S$18.80 (U.P.$24). Yeah yeah, it’s the left/right pocket catch, anyway. I know, I know.

Body lotion is like my second skin – without it, i’d literally “crack”. Glad to see this travel sized Nivea Whitening Body Lotion with UV Filters (S$3ish) 🙂 Shampoo for my mane comes in the form of travel sized Essential Nuance Airy(S$2). Sweet smellin’ stuff from head to toes!

Watsons had a 1-week special for Lifebuoy Antibacterial Body Wash, 2 @$4.90 for 400ml each. Quite a steal, I must say! Was about to restock our usual travel sized Dove shower cream ($3.70, 200ml), but it’d might not be able to last us both throughout the trip.

Special thanks to C, whom I got to know through work. These airline approved pocket sized toothy kits are great for that long haul. Definitely don’t wanna scare the immigration officers with dragon’s breath. Heh heh! These are available at Guardian and Watsons too.

So if you’ve been to the West Coast regions or have gone on a road trip via the coastal drive (Highway 1), it would be fantastic if you could share your opinions and feedback here! Thank you everyone in advance! Time to hit the books, before the Hub sees me typing furiously away……


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