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It’s getting near! Yes, it’s our long awaited H-O-N-E-Y-M-O-O-N! *jumps for joy*

Seriously, we haven’t been spending much time planning this once-in-a-lifetime trip (and it’s not an excuse, i know…) but as the day draws closer, I’m starting to get flustered over the lackof research and knowledge of the States. Yup, off to the USA, that is!

And since we’ll be there for a few weeks, a sketchy outline of our plans look something like this:
1st – 5th day: Drive up to Las Vegas + touring The Strip and Downtown
6th – 12th day: Zooming up to LA/Napa Valley/Hollywood/Disneyland
13th – 20th day: Off to San Francisco/Premium Outlets/Sights & more!

OK, there you have it – a brief overview, as it is! Geez… i seriously need MORE info than this! Anyone able to share some tips and notes on what/where we could go/do/eat/stay at these regions?? *Puss in Boots’ eyes*

I must say, I chanced upon a very helpful blog sharing information on Las Vegas and the author of The Las Vegas Urbanite is such an awesomely, helpful fella!! Thanks much for shedding (insider’s) light with those not-to-be-missed stuff at Vegas! 😉

Anyhows, whilst I devour those borrowed books from the library (currently reading Lonely Planet’s Las Vegas City Guide and Frommer’s California 2009), my mind conjures up outfits to put together for the trip. I’m just a girl! Plus, since it’s my birthday month, I took the chance to stock up those travel essentials at Watsons, enjoying 5X more bonus points!

Watsons VIP Perks – have you gotten yours yet?

 Shopping Spree! What an excellent excuse to SHOP, seriously! Nothing crazy; definitely needed these travel essentials.. uh-huh…

This was on my list of must-have, simply becos it’d be a refreshing perk during the long flight plus hot/dry weather. At 50ml, its handbag-perfect size plus more affordable price compared to Evian and Avene, it’s my choice! Gave the other bottle to a gf who’s honeymooning there before us! What fun!

Multi-purpose for your everyday usage!

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS protect from the Sun! After deliberating between Vichy and La Roche Posay, L’Oreal was the more affordable option at S$18.80 (U.P.$24). Yeah yeah, it’s the left/right pocket catch, anyway. I know, I know.

Body lotion is like my second skin – without it, i’d literally “crack”. Glad to see this travel sized Nivea Whitening Body Lotion with UV Filters (S$3ish) 🙂 Shampoo for my mane comes in the form of travel sized Essential Nuance Airy(S$2). Sweet smellin’ stuff from head to toes!

Watsons had a 1-week special for Lifebuoy Antibacterial Body Wash, 2 @$4.90 for 400ml each. Quite a steal, I must say! Was about to restock our usual travel sized Dove shower cream ($3.70, 200ml), but it’d might not be able to last us both throughout the trip.

Special thanks to C, whom I got to know through work. These airline approved pocket sized toothy kits are great for that long haul. Definitely don’t wanna scare the immigration officers with dragon’s breath. Heh heh! These are available at Guardian and Watsons too.

So if you’ve been to the West Coast regions or have gone on a road trip via the coastal drive (Highway 1), it would be fantastic if you could share your opinions and feedback here! Thank you everyone in advance! Time to hit the books, before the Hub sees me typing furiously away……

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 A few weeks ago, I chanced upon a Sally Hansen Nails Workshop ad in the local papers and excitedly told one of my gfs (she’s a nail fanatic!) about it. In no time, she replied over Whatsapp to say: “On!” With a fee of $38/pax (inclds. door gift worth $100), the session will cover tips on achieving and maintaining beautiful, healthy nails and of cos, introducing Sally Hansen (SH)’s line of products. There was no mention of it being a hands-on or demo session so we assumed the later will be done on “1 lucky lady” 😛

After a couple of correspondences to register, SH’s rep shared “to come in loose clothing” and my gf and i were kept wondering if they were going to make us sit on the floor or something. LOL! Turns out, it was a hands-on workshop, and we DID sit on the floor for one of the tips sharing by trainer, Ms. BG Tan. Coincidentally, my gf says that Ms. BG Tan has been to her previous organization for corporate trainings on grooming! That’s a nice gesture from an employer isn’t it?

Alrighty, sharing what went on during the class between ourselves. Nails were wet most of the time so wasn’t really able to take photos of other participants. They were really responsive and even put their feet on their table (becos Ms. BG Tan said “no1 comes to SH’s class without having feet on table!”) and the middle-aged ladies were giggling away. How cute!

The nail kit used during the session. They were ours for keeps too.

Get rid of annoying dead skin buildup around nails aka cuticles. Pampering our nails with 8hour Moisturizing Hand Creme thereafter 😉

After cleaning up our nail beds, it’s time to treat them with nourishments!
Practising on a fake nail – square file, round file and painting my first French tip! Ms. BG Tan said “Good!” 😀
Every 4 pax had a set of nail colours to choose, so we were spoilt for choices! What did i paint my nails with in the end? (Nope, that’s not me there :P)
TA-DA! Pronto Purple (#20) called out to me yet Blazing Blue (#23) seemed sparkly.. although I’m not usually a “blue” kinda person. What do you think of this combi? 🙂

Eventually, I didn’t dare to try French on myself. It would be too detrimental if I had to clean up and restart from treatment coats all over again 😦 Simply went with a safe option. Not very adventurous, am I?

I could tell all the ladies enjoyed themselves that morning – which was real nice 🙂 With gals from early 20s to mature women in their 40s, Sally Hansen has fans in every age! The lovely organizers even arranged for some simple foodfare and hot coffee/tea for everyone. I’m sure we left telling ourselves to remember that our toes need TLC massages too! *squeeze cream, massage clockwise, then anti-clockwise, next toe*

Wearing: Dress from Bangkok, Chunky Ring from H&M Hong Kong, Wedding Ring from Love & Co.

Disclaimer: All reviews and articles are based on impartial personal experiences, without responsibility or obligations  to neither brand/company/services/any other parties involved.  For collaboration opportunities, kindly drop a note to: whitesays@gmail(dot)com for a discussion.

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Last week, I attended the Fake Sleeping Workshop by Majolica Majorca by invite. Held at Shiseido’s premises, it was a cosy hands-on with demonstration session by their Makeup Artist (oops, i can’t recall his name!). As it was held on a weekday evening, most ladies came after work and the nice people at MM ensured we won’t faint by preparing some sandwiches for the attendees (sweet!).

Focusing on their new limited edition products for Chapter 31 (MM launches their products by Chapters out of fantasy pages. The Japanese are ever so creative!) – Aurora Tear Liner (2 colours, S$25.90) and Majoromantica F (S$23.90), which is their pocket fragrance. Enjoy the video on the aspiring story behind these products!


The idea was to to achieve the Mori Girl look – sweet, innocent with teary-looking eyes – and dressed in layered clothing, usually in shades of forest, earthy tones.

Image: princesscorner-ruzu.blogspot.com

Image: princesscorner-ruzu.blogspot.com

How to achieve this look?

1) After your skincare, apply MM Skin Lingerie Pore Cover which functions as a base layer.
2) Gently spread Skin Remaker Powder Foundation in an outwards direction.
3) Choose your desired Eye Shadow Quad palette and gently apply with fingers or sponge as preferred. The trick is to BLEND!
4) With the Pencil Eyeliner, line close to the lash line and enhance the area as desired. With the Mori Girl look in mind, leave out lining the lower lash.
5) The Aurora Tear Liner (pink/blue) is then used to line the lower lash line. With its wet, glittery effect, it helps to draw attention to those pretty eyes!
6) Instantly open up eyes with Lash Expander Frame Plus and coat 2- 3 times for fuller lashes.
7) Sweep Puff de Cheek Blush across apple of cheeks for a healthy flush.
8) Finish off with Rouge Majex Lip Gloss for that sweet sheen!
The Sweet Majoromantica F:

With just one drop of this honey-sweet aphrodisiac from the forest, it will take you into the mysterious forest filled with blooming flowers and fruits. Its thick texture blends well into the skin, giving off a combination of sweet and fruity fragrance.

Sweet, lovely fragrance that conjures up images of nectar in flowers, possibly from the woods 🙂

Top notes: Juicy and Fruity (Juneberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Apple, Fig, Mangosteen, Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin)
Middle notes: Herbal and Floral (Rose, Sweet Pea, Jasmine, Muguet, Gardenia, Chamomile, Clary Sage)
Base notes: Sweet and Romantic (Vanilla, Maple, Brown Sugar, Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Oakmoss) 

So did I achieve the Mori Girl look successfully? You be the judge! 🙂

Sorry for the less-than-satisfactory photo quality – it was taken with iPhone 3Gs. The lovely glittery Aurora Tear Liner still stands out! Likes! ❤

Majolica Majorca is exclusively available at Watsons. Be in the loop of their activities and contests by being a Fan!

Disclaimer: All reviews and articles are based on impartial personal experiences, without responsibility or obligations  to neither brand/company/services/any other parties involved.  For collaboration opportunities, kindly drop a note to: whitesays@gmail(dot)com for a discussion.

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New products and newly imported brands are churning out fast and furious. With the onslaught of Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese brands and products, these gems have already made their name known (thanks to the Internet!) even before landing on our shores.

Our Western counterparts aren’t resting on their laurels either. With counter brands, mass brands and masstige brands making waves to fight for each consumer’s limited pocket size, when it comes to products, marketing holds no bars for companies who are willing to and can afford to splurge.

There’s been quite a few eye-targeted products launched recently that have caught my eyes as well (pun, intended). Our eyes are the windows to our soul and playing up the eyes can instantly improve one’s appearance from “sleepy/tired” to “alert/refreshed”!

Try this little experiment on yourself:
1) Cleansed face thoroughly removing all traces of makeup and skincare.
2) Apply eye cream on left eye and massage gently. Do nothing to the right eye.
3) Choose an eyeshadow or eyeliner, and carefully apply onto eye area. Continue to ignore the right eye.
4) Step back from the mirror and compare the differences – you’d be amazed!

With my infamous single eyelids and fair skin, I’m plagued with beyond-hope panda eyes and puffy excess baggage underneath. For that, I’ve always been a religious user of eye creams and cultivated the habit since my JC days. Anyhow, here’s a lowdown on what’s on my list for the top 5 coveted eye products I’d love to smear my eyes with: 

Part of Anna Sui's Beach Collection 2011, this star product allows effortlessly eye play with 7 different combinations. (S$39)

L'Oreal's latest innovation - combining a micro-vibrator (with 130 micro-vibrations per sec!) and eye cream - to rid dark eye circles, dark spots and eye bags. Replaces the double pump whitening eye cream. (S$34)

With its contoured ceramic-tip applicator, this new love claims to instantly cool and massages skin to re-engerize the thin skin around eye. De-puffs and lightens eye area with regular use. (S$90)

Saw these chubby babies as reviewed by Faces by Sarah (www.facesbysarah.com) and couldn't get them off my mind since! Totally diggin the blue hue! There's black (super black, i like too!), white and silver too for these Sephora Jumbo Liner 12hr Wear. At a steal, S$17 each!

Exclusively chosen to launch in Changi Airport Singapore (and not even Japan!?), the SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream is probably getting raves from Singaporeans and tourists alike already! Has anyone been lucky to get hold of this yet?

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While brands and companies are gearing up for Autumn, let’s soak up the Sun and continue basking in its golden glory!

From makeup to fashion and overall wellbeing, enjoy the breeze of the lowdown for Summer-loving! 🙂

Delight in Sparkling Freshness with L’Occitane Limited Edition Sun Verbana.

Dry Lux T and Camisole

UNIQLO‘s Dry Lux Padded Scoop Neck T-Shirt and Padded Camisole with dual-layered LUX Pads for maximum comfort.
(S$14.90, U.P.$24.90, till 14 Jul)

PINK is the new black this season – glide on lips or dress up in this girly shade! Flaunt it like Kate Bosworth does 😉

Cotton On Body

Don’t you just lurve COTTON ON? These comfy crops are a dream to be in. Throw on an oversized tee and you’re ready!

This cute retro piece is such a lovely number for work and play. Grab great deals at the ASOS sale now! The early bird catches the worm, so scoot over to get your hands on those great bargains.

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With the burgeoning numbers of entrepreneurs, I’ve realised that quite a few of my personal friends have started to foray into business too. Amazingly, in varied areas of interest too! Go on, and share the links with your friends as well!
*Psst: In no particular order. Do note that this is not a paid advertorial; just a simple gesture to feature them as a little support from a friend 🙂


1) For the Lastest Style News & Customised Fashion: StreetStylista.com

You might already know, this talented lady was entrusted with the royal task of the creation of my solemnization dress with her golden fingers! Back then, I might have possibly been the first client, and now, merely by word of mouth, she is now the go-to lady for many brides-to-be. With her unique style, Audrey keeps her eyes peeled on the fashion landscape and pursues her passion, translating sketches into wearable pieces. Street Stylista

And if you have missed out my previous article or snapshots of the lovely dress I wore, hop over here. For customization enquiries or other assignments, please contact Audrey: street.stylista@gmail.com 🙂

2) For Gourmet Cuppa & Wholesome Sandwiches: JOE & DOUGH

The 2 owners behind Joe & Dough are long-time sweethearts. With the man, a trained barista who was pursuing his studies in Aussie back then, he developed immense interest in coffee, and the dream to own a cafe was a natural next step. Initially, he started a co-business with another ex-biz partner, and eventually, decided to rope in his gf, D, to start up Joe & Dough. Now, with 2 outlets under their belt, Joe & Dough looks set to reach greater heights, and charming the palates of the working crowd at Hitachi Towers, as well as the folks who stream to Suntec City.

How could anyone resist that? Seriously.

Using premium Arabica coffee beans, coupled with the bistro’s trained baristas who conjure up cute coffee art, we’re won over! Even their sandwiches, cakes and biscuits have captured the hearts of many! Clearly evident, they have also earned a Top 10 placing by Standard Chartered, presented by HungryGoWhere.com – awesome! Join “Joe & Dough” on Facebook now.

3) For Convenient Shopping Without Stepping Out: AshburyMall.com

Entering AshburyMall.com is akin to stepping into your BFF’s walk-in wardrobe, neatly categorized into clothes, accessories, gadgets and even knick-knacks for your paw friends & more! With its extensive range of fashion, there’s an outfit for everyday of the week without having to smash the piggy bank. Its user-friendly interface allows customers to navigate smoothly, and even friends overseas can simply click away to order with a piece of mind, with its secure payment partner, PayPal and credit cards.

Business owner, Winnie, started this business in 2010, and garnered over 25,000 fans in a span of 6 months via Facebook (Search: Ashburymall.com). Barely a year old, AshburyMall has already earned legions of fans in Singapore and overseas, even capturing the attention of the media too. With the OLs and younger generation in mind, AshburyMall organizes the AshburyMall Model Search on a monthly basis, and offers the winner a portfolio, providing the aspiring model a hands-on experience on life as a fashion model. Happy shopping, peeps!

*On a personal note, Winnie has just welcomed a set of triplets into her family (congrats!) and is now managing diaper-changing and feeding times, on top of this business (the model search is on a hiatus at the moment). Side-track: To find out more about her adventure with her set of “ABC”, click here.

4) For Oh-So-Stylish Notebooks, Journals & Write Stuff: A Notebook A Day

Allyson is known for her sponteniety and fun-someness! With endless creative juices like her fuel, her previous experience in handmade jewellery was an exciting adventure, so there’s no stopping her in sharing these awesome cutesy stuff on stationery. Brownie points! Who wouldn’t love a change from the boring yellow paper pads? Imported globally, quality and variety are top on the list. Get updates on new arrivals on Facebook @ A Notebook A Day. You’ve been warned! 😛

Curious Owl Journal - I love the cute (chubby) owl!

Anna Sui Flight of Fancy Journal - Filled with gorgeous Anna-esque full coloured illustrations, it's every fashionista's must-have!

Bon Voyage Mini Journal – it was sold out when this article was published. Do write to Ally if you’d like to have this!

5) For Comfy Laidback Footwear: PAEZ shoes

With each pair delicately handmade by the people of Argentine, PAEZ has gained a cult following since its first appearance in Argentina in 2007. Finally, it has landed on our sunny shores, and made possible by H and friends 🙂 With its quality materials meant for comfy walking, choose from the different designs to suit any personality! For more news and updates, join PAEZ Singapore on Facebook!
Exclusively available in May 2011 at…
* LeftFoot @ The Cathay
* InFamous @ VivoCity & Mandarin Gallery
* Peacock Orange (Men) @ Haji Lane
* Threadbare & Squirrel (Women) @ Haji Lane .

Even popular footballer Diego Forlan wears PAEZ Shoes! Nice accessory - the shoes, not the lady! 😉

These caught my eyes:

From the Stamped series - love the prints! They just look so comfy, dont they?

From the Monte series - Happy colours totally rocks! Need we say more?

From the Monte series - nice, simple and goes great with most outfits!

All the best, my dear friends! The road ahead might be challenging but fret not, and take this excellent opportunity in growing and learning along the way. Sweet success is yours for keeps, so continue to dream big and work hard! *big hugs*

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Gift ideas for one of the most important ladies in our lives 🙂

Have YOU decided what to get for your Mum this Mother’s Day?
Counting down: 2 weeks to go.

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